One foot forward
It's possible I've read Pat the Bunny one too many times.

Today's my day to post over at Five Full Plates. Come see what I have to say about progress and pants puppets.

In other news, Sophia walks all over the place these days. This means we have officially entered the era of "OH! What did YOU FIND?"

Jan10 046 
Mama, have a tissue! Or FIFTY!


The One True Josh

To be immediately followed by the dreaded "Look at the cool stuff I found in the fridge! It's squishy!" phase.


It's been awhile since I've had a baby in the house so I look at the picture and think HOW CUTE....back in the day my reaction would have been much, much different. She must have been so proud of herself!


I think she's trying to help you by dusting!


She is so cute. Doesn't she make you smile? She makes me smile and twin girls will be 5 in May and start school in the fall. Waaaaaah!

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