In puke and in...not puke

It's possible I've read Pat the Bunny one too many times.

Pat the bunny 001

It SAYS that Paul and Judy do lots of things, but when you really look at it, Judy is the one running that show. I mean, JUDY can pat the bunny. JUDY can look in the mirror (narcissistic much, Judes?).

Pat the bunny 004

JUDY can feel Daddy's scratchy face (dude, get that freaky black patch on your cheek looked at. That is JUST NOT RIGHT). JUDY can read her book. JUDY can play peek-a-boo with Paul.

Pat the bunny 002

And yes, I suppose you could argue that Paul is also playing peek-a-boo, but really he's just standing there with a towel over his face. What sort of messed-up mind games has Judy been playing with that poor boy, to convince him this is fun?

Poor sensitive Paul's idea of fun is to smell the flowers. Doesn't your heart just go out to the guy, stealing a moment alone, with his flowers? Paul, we love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. We only want you to be happy. I'm sorry your flowers smell like soap. Your life is very hard.

Pat the bunny 003

Paul can also put his finger through Mummy's ring. I...have nothing to say about that. Poor Paul's life is very hard. And very complicated.

And in the end? They want you to BELIEVE that Paul and Judy are waving bye-bye to you, but I think we can all tell that JUDY is waving bye-bye, while hissing at Paul, "Wave like a good boy, or so help me GOD, I will make you cry like the weak little weasel you are." Paul reaches high above his head and dreams of faraway fields of flowers.

Pat the bunny 005

Poor Paul.

If Pat the Bunny got "lost" for a few days, I'm sure you'd all understand? I mean, it's not that I'm screamingly, wildly, white-knuckled sick of it or anything.

Pat the bunny 006
I just don't want anyone getting any ideas from Judy. 


A Jen Too Many

Oh, how I came to hate that book after a while! That and a few other disasters taught me to make sure that I only bought books I could enjoy reading over and over again. (I love to read Goodnight Moon, even now.)


I'm sorry... did you say something? I was distracted by chubby, squeezy, perfect, yummy little baby cheeks.


It's like you're living in my house!!! For the past several months this book gets "lost" every few days, just so we can give it a rest. My husband was just whining that Paul doesn't get to do anything!

And another reason to hate that book, as pointed out by my parents who also hated that's put together so flimsily that it will inevetibly rip/fall to bits. My parents are convinced that this is a ploy to sell more copies.

Paul and Judy haunt me in my dreams.


My daughter pulled that book apart, and then a cat barfed on the pages. I was not sad.

Jan in Norman, OK

You could try "Pat the Cat" for a change. A bit more in line with contemporary life. As I recall, it has a page where you take a credit card out of a wallet.


How come I was thinking, "Paul and Judy are not waving bye-bye to you, PAUL, see, is trying to FEEL UP HIS SISTER!" Paul is a perv.



I love that about you.

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