It's possible I've read Pat the Bunny one too many times.
Mother/daughter dance

In puke and in...not puke

Last night was One Of Those Nights. Both Tre and Max seem to have picked up some sort of stomach virus, and they spent hours - HOURS - taking turns throwing up. By my count they threw up one million times. Each.

So after a night of fractured sleep and clean-up duty and comfort calls, morning came with ferocious earliness. I dragged myself out of bed to face my bright and shiny and LOUD Raphael and Sophia, both of whom seem to have dodged that particular viral hell (thanks be to God). I stumbled around, trailing the belt of my bathrobe, feeling rather wan and overused.

Eventually I found my way to the kitchen table, where my newspaper was waiting for me, as usual. I lifted the top section to find...

A card.

An anniversary card, to be exact. Today it is four years that we've been swimming up this stream together. I slid the card out of its envelope to see this:


Did you catch that? Not twenty-four hours before Puke Fest '10, Clay bought me a card referencing "this crazy time in our life".  Do you realize what that means?


And yet I have to say...he's still worth having around.

I love you, Clay. Thank you for the last four years, and all the years to come. You are my favorite.



Aw! Happy Anniversary, guys!


Happy Anniversary!!!

Mary Jo

Happy Anniversary!!

Pamela L

Happy Anniversary!! You guys are great!

Amma Always

Like the whole last month hasn't been a crazy time? I don't think you can really blame Clay for Vom-O-Rama. Wasn't there a well known politician in town yesterday? Put the blame where it belongs.


Happy Anniversary to truly a wonderful couple! I love you both & wish you many many happy (not so crazy) years!


So sweet. I mean, gross. But sweet.

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