Mother/daughter dance
And she is SO STRONG in cross-country sleeplessness, too.

He had me convinced when I was a kid that aliens left me in the back yard, too.

Do you know what my brother told me recently? He clicks over to Five Full Plates, and then he skims the posts - get this - to find JOSHILYN'S. How's THAT for brotherly love and support? Well, I'll save you the time, brother dear. Joss posted two days ago. And yes, we all know she's brilliant and wonderful, so go ahead and read her post.

Today was my day to post, so maybe the rest of you can spare ME a moment. I wrote about my stunner of an exercise epiphany, with an aside about what Sophia did to me today that has aged me by at least twenty years.


The One True Josh

Hey, you always swore you weren't my real sister. Maybe Joshilyn is!

To be fair, I do read your posts too. I mean, I'm already THERE, right? Beats calling. I also read the other people's posts, but I don't know who they are. So, ummmm, I guess you're in that category. Sorry, "Porche".


What an excellent brother you possess!

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