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Sometimes sanity depends on your focus

The other night I was taking a bath.

Immediate digression: this means this night was EXACTLY THE SAME as nearly every other night around here. I've always loved a bath, but it's taken on greater importance since Sophia was born. Things that are easier as an older/wiser mother: I don't worry nearly so much about SIDS or iron deficiencies (don't ask). Things that are harder: bouncing back into shape and functioning on little to no sleep. Things that are unchanged: I usually have random crusty areas on my shirt, and that FEELING you get at the end of a day, with a nursing infant, where you sort of want to PEEL ALL YOUR SKIN OFF and hand it to the baby and say "Here, crawl all over this all you want, just STOP TOUCHING ME." I've found that a half an hour in the bath every night with a good book or a trashy magazine is a much better solution than a skinectomy, and Clay is totally on board with whatever I need to be okay with human contact again. Especially right before bed. I'm just saying. So nearly every day ends with me in the tub, pretending I can't hear my loving family right on the other side of the door. /digression

Anyhow, there I was, trying to focus on my Oprah magazine and all the suggestions it had for Transforming my Life (Dear Oprah, Maybe my life is FINE. Did you ever consider that? Love, pruny toes). On the other side of the door there was a drama playing out. A couple of neighbor kids had rung the doorbell, then scurried away into the night. This unthinkable act had stirred up in the boys an intense drive for REVENGE. Tre had snuck outside and waited in the dark behind some chairs on the front porch. After about fifteen minutes, the kids returned for another dastardly ding-dong-ditch, and he'd leapt out, yelling, and scared the crud out of them. It was, apparently, FABULOUS.

So now they were plotting another covert crud-scaring mission (because OF COURSE the kids were coming back again. There must not have been much on TV that night). Naturally they had to hide in a new spot, because they would be looking for them behind the chairs...

"BOYS." Clay broke in. Thank God, I thought, the voice of reason. He'll put a stop to this nonsense. "What you want to do is go over to the gate on the OTHER side of the house. Open it, get down on your bellies, and crawl. KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN. Hide in the shadows on the side of the porch. Go get 'em."

And with that they were off into the night.

"Close the gate behind you," Clay called after them.

I sank down into the water up to my earlobes, and pretended I hadn't heard.


Alison C

Clay is such a cool dad!!


1. Yes, to the skinechtomy feeling.
2. Clay IS a cool dad. At least he stayed home with the baby, because it sounds like he wanted to tag along!


Oh - you are in SO much trouble when those boys get into High School. And Clay ... Clay is going to lead the way, isn't he? lol


Heh... Clay is awesome. That's exactly the kind of harmless mischief that boys need.


Yes. The difference between dads and moms. Totally.


Hee! And I soooo love your description of the thing where you want to peel your skin off.


Hey I was just trying to keep them from having to spend 7 years in the Infantry.

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