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Kira's magical cure

Do you know what Sophia did last night? DO YOU KNOW?

She slept.

From 10 PM to 8 AM, she slept. And slept. And flopped over on her rubbery belly and slept some more.

Good God, I love that kid.

This morning I awoke to Raphael's shiny face. When he saw I wasn't curled around a sleeping-ish baby, trying desperately to eek out a few more minutes of rest, he promptly crawled in bed next to me. And instead of growling my usual morning tune, I wrapped my arms around him and listened to him chatter and chatter and chatter his welcome to the day.

It was lovely.

The whole day was like that, suffused in a golden glow of happiness. Nothing could get me down. Max started complaining mid-day of scratchy throat, queasy tummy, and headache. OH, I thought, H1N1. Clearly. HOW NICE that we will get that over with and not have to worry about it anymore!

By late afternoon I was pretty sure he was actually suffering from the I-don't-want-to-go-to-piano-lesson-virus, and I chuckled. Oh, what a scamp! You got me! Haha! Four weeks until the recital! Silly guy!

I've decided the whole medical marijuana thing is way off base. I know how to REALLY help. What I'm going to do is set up a clinic, and I'll call it the Get a Solid Eight Hours of Sleep Clinic. And what I'll do is wake my patients up all night, every hour, hour and a half. RELENTLESSLY. And then? After a week or two? I'LL STOP. And LET THEM SLEEP.

Because MAN. There is just simply NO HIGH QUITE LIKE THAT.

Tonight Sophia was grumpy and demanding. She whined all evening, like someone had punctured an enormous balloon filled with ire and it slowly leaked all over her for about three hours straight. I'm almost sure tonight is going to be brutal, but I DON'T CARE.

Because do you know what I did last night?


And now I can handle anything.

Halloween report

Or "Two days later is not too late for kids this cute."

This was the first year the boys all made their own costumes. No pre-packaged plastic monstrosities for us this year, OH NO.

Does it tell you a little about how pitiful I am that it gave me a pang, knowing that not one of the boys wanted a superhero costume to play dress up with later in the year? Pitiful.

Anyhow, here they are, in all their inventive glory!

Oct09 057

Can you tell what Tre is here? Can you?


Love that.

Oct09 059

Max, bless his soul, is a homeless kid. I realized, too late, that his shirt was actually filthy, with remnants of some long-ago meal on the front. He claimed it only added to the authenticity, because he wouldn't be able to wash his only clothes, MOM. If he were HOMELESS.

I don't know why the hat.

Oct09 062

Raphael is Dr. Pepper! GET IT? With the doctor's coat, the stethoscope, and the PEPPERS? Oh man. That kid kills me with his cute. 

And okay, Sophia did not design her own costume.

Oct09 064 

But she did make it her own. Can you tell she's supposed to be a penguin chick?

Yes, well, but can you tell HOW BIG she is?

Oct09 065


In other news, I was in Target today, and I passed a HUGE display of Halloween candy on clearance. My shopping cart made a Pavlovian sort of wobble in its direction before I realized, OH LORD, NO. If Target PAYED ME to take candy home, it would still be a grievous burden.

Enough candy, is what I'm saying. There's so much candy in the house that it will take Clay and I DAYS to finish it all while the boys sleep. 
(How big is Kira? SHUUUUUT UUUUUP!)