Even if it IS a brand-new virus, I don't want it named after her.
The voice

In which Kira overuses caps and is unrepentant.

Sophia was looking...ehm...better. But not better enough. And I was just. so. sick. of talking over her symptoms with Clay. I swear, the amount of time we have spent discussing that child's skin, the different shades it has morphed through, the textures and changes...and then for fun we move onto a comprehensive review of her diapers and the contents therein, followed by a temperament analysis that would make you weep with longing for the fast-paced excitement of tax forms.

And despite unremitting conversations between two people who are not medical professionals, we still did not have her figured out. So I called the doctor and whined at the nurse and scored myself an appointment in the much-coveted "we'll get you out JUST in time for rush hour" spot.

This time we saw Sophia's actual doctor, a man who has been our pediatrician since Max was born. I trust him, and he didn't let me down. He came in and peered at her, looked in her ears, nose, mouth. Studied her skin from head to toe. Asked me thoughtful questions. Listened to her lungs and heart and stomach and whatever else they're listening to.

Then he said, "Well, it's probably a virus, nothing we can do."

Aaaaargggh, I was thinking, why am I here again?

"But," he went on, "just in case, I'd like to take a culture of her nose, just to be sure we don't have any strep or anything growing in there. We'll have the rapid screen results tomorrow, and the longer test done by Friday, okay?"

It was okay with ME, but Sophia had other opinions about having a cotton swab stuck up her nose. She wailed, and I swear if angry baby eyes could kill, that man would be DEAD AS A DOORNAIL.

I didn't expect to hear anything from the office after that, assuming it was, after all, a virus. So how thrilled do you think I was to see their number on my caller ID this morning? HUH? GUESS.

Hey, guess what? My baby has a freaking STAPH INFECTION.

So the treatment protocol for that is thrice-daily doses of serious antibiotics, and a full and complete moratorium on Google. For the love of all that is good and right, NO GOOGLE.

And can you just imagine how much I am LOVING that first doctor who barely glanced at her on Sunday? CAN YOU? If you're thinking, I bet Kira would like to start sending Christmas cards JUST so she can pointedly NOT send that doctor one, well, I would suggest you adjust your estimation of my esteem somewhat lower. What? you say, would you like to start sending Christmas cards just so you can send him one that is MEAN and SNOTTY and not nice at all? OH NO, I say, GO SOUTH. Like, more in the range of I refuse to respond on the grounds I might incriminate myself.

But the truth is that I'm just mad at him because it's distracting from the reality of being scared for my baby. I'm tired, emotionally and physically, and I just want her to be well.

And that's about all I have to say about that.



Hey! My girl had a staph infection at 7 months! Good times. Not really. I am sorry about Sophia. She'll be right as rain before you know it. And hopefully you will be too. Hugs.


I'm so glad you have some answers! Now she can be on the mend and feel better and so can you.

Carla Hinkle

Ugh, that is awful! But at least your regular doctor got it diagnosed.


So glad you have a plan of treatment. Tomorrow WILL be better--hang in there, both of you!

Jan in Norman, OK

Oh, bless her little heart. Have had a couple of those in my life and staph infections are just no fun at all.

Fortunately, those antibiotics start relieving the discomfort pretty quickly.


Oh, poor sweet baby. I hope the antibiotics have her feeling MUCH better soon.

As for that doctor... well, I only know you through the internets, but he'd better hope murderous thoughts can't kill.




Good. freaking. grief. May the antibiotics start working asap.


Poor little boo. Hope she's all cleared up soon!


Oy. How completely and totally frightening. That other doc needs to be shot. Or at least disbarred. Oh wait - that's for lawyers. You get the picture. And may Sophia be better RIGHT NOW!


Staph sucks. My youngest had two rounds of it this summer. It infected a case of impetigo and she looked so, so gross.

Hooray for the older pediatrician!

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