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Evidence that I may be too old to rock sleep deprivation

The other night I woke to hear Sophia railing against all that is bad and wrong in the world, namely: being left alone in one's bed without so much as a boob for comfort. OH the humanity! I scooped her up and cuddled her, palming her cantelope head and cooing the sort of nonsense one tends to coo at an infant.

"Oh, sweet Sophia, are you VERY mad?'

I sat there, enjoying the fuzzy feel of her head, and thought hmm. Sophia. That's a pretty name. We should name the baby Sophia!

You know, the baby. The seven week old. In my arms.

Named Sophia.



Ahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa. Oh man. We are gonna have fuuuuun next month. ;)

Michelle @ Find Your Balance

Well, it IS a pretty name :-)


I read this post to my husband. He smiled knowingly. I love your posts. Thanks for keeping on writing. ('Cause I know you don't have anything better to do).

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