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Preparations and prayers

It's late, and I should already be in bed, because tomorrow is a big day. I'll be presenting myself to the hospital at 7 AM for an induction, which is both the reason I should be sleeping and the reason I'm sitting here, bouncing one knee like I'm trying to shake off clambering insects.

I'm nervous, is what I'm saying.

It's silly, I know. For weeks I've been anticipating this birth any minute. I've even avoided starting a bread dough that had to rise overnight, because WHO KNOWS if I'll be here in the morning, and not in the hospital, inhaling freshly toweled baby head?

And now I know that tomorrow is the day, that she'll be born 4-6-09, and that all the waiting will finally be over.

I'm not sure I'm ready.

It's not ME, for heaven's sake. I'm soooo ready to breathe and eat and stand up in one smooth motion with no flailing or grunting noises. And I was going to say "sleep through the night again" but hahahaha, that's right, newborn. So scratch that idea.

No, I'm just not sure that I've prepared everything and everyone. I've spent the day being acutely aware of how much this baby is going to require of the other kids, how much this means in their world. I've always held to the notion that siblings are a gift, and that gift is bigger by far than the adjustments required. But our kids, from the fierce almost 8-year-old to the beautiful almost 17-year-old, have more layers to view this through than your average kid in your standard intact family. I want to gather each one of them into my arms and hold them until they know it's going to be okay, that there's only going to be more love tomorrow.

More love and diapers. But the diapers don't last.

Today I was driving home, and as I rounded the corner just before my house, I saw a tiny boy, running hell-bent-for-leather down the middle of the street, in bare feet and jammies. It was COLD today. I pulled over and just abandoned my van by the side of the road (complete with keys in the ignition, my purse on the seat, and most stupidly, my cell phone in there somewhere). I chased him for blocks, gasping and waddling and calling out to him in what I hoped was a comforting manner. The little thing was FREAKED OUT.

Finally, with the help of a couple who stopped to aid in the chase, we caught up to him. A man wrapped his jacket around him, and I picked him up and wrapped my arms around him, holding his icy feet in my pregnancy-heated hands until his shuddering stilled. He was three, he said, and he told us he'd woken up and his mommy was gone and so he was going to her store to find her. The man called the police and we waited for them and chatted.

"He could have just missed his mom," I mused. "She could have been in the bathroom or the basement or something. One of my boys was a runner. They get away sometimes. Heck, I WAS a runner when I was a kid, I'm told."

"Oh yeah," he said, "when you think about the crazy things kids do...well. It makes you believe in guardian angels, doesn't it?"

I nodded, mute. Soon the police arrived, and Clay pulled up shortly after. I left the boy in their hands and climbed in the van. I told Clay and the boys the story, then leaned back and closed my eyes for a minute, and prayed.

In this world of chances and changes, Lord, let there be guardian angels for each of our children. Please.



May you have an easy, uneventful birth experience today. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts! Welcome to the world, little one!


Wishing you all the best honey, I'll be thinking of you this morning and sending my love to all in your family. Happy birthday to your daughter!


Love to you and your troublemaking daughter, darlin'. I will carry the phone around all day. :)


A lot of runners on the loose lately!

Kira, thinking happy thoughts and saying lots of prayers for you today!!! (((HUGS)))


Lots of prayers and good thoughts coming at ya today! (ok, every day, but today is special!)

Best line ever.."inhaling freshly toweled baby head"


God bless you and your sweet baby girl today! You and yours are in my prayers.


Of course there's a guardian angel for each of your precious children, and for you, too. I'm glad you'll finally be "inhaling freshly toweled baby head" today!


Happy Birthday to the new little one and best wishes for your entire family!


I will be thinking of you and your baby today! Here's hoping for a smooth and easy arrival...

shannon in oregon

you all were his guardian angels...

good luck with everything! i can hardly wait to see pics of her!


Happy Birthday new baby!

gretchen from lifenut

Today's the day. You and your family are in my prayers. It's 10:30am mountain time and I imagine things are getting there.

That was a chilling story about the little boy. I hope he's okay today, warm and safe and that there was a simple explanation for everything...


Prayers, and best wishes are flying your way, along with the new guardian angel that will accompany your little girl thru her life!

Linda Sherwood

I came across a couple of runners of my own a couple of weeks ago, and I was charmed by them (ages 2 and 3). I wasn't 9 months pregnant, and I didn't have to run after them at all, but they were definitely on the run (in this case, they were following a dog that had crossed a very busy road).

Best wishes today! And it is probably too late to tell you this, but I learned after four induced labors that just because you are ready to give birth today, and you are scheduled to give birth, you still might not give birth today. Doctors have their own schedule.

For my last child, another mother came in already in labor, so the doctor deliberately slowed down my own induced labor to allow for that child to be born and for the doctor to get some sleep. He is the only child of mine born on a Friday. The girls were all born on Thursdays. (Thursday was the day the doctor was usually available for induced labors.)


I am sure you are a mama by now. Congrats! I had to go in at 5 AM to be induced. How did you swing 7? Hee hee.


I hope that you're holding that sweet darling by now, and if not, that it's soon.


For everyone obsessively checking back -- Kira claims she'll blog within an hour or two. Baby is here and all is well. :)

Jan in Norman, OK


Linda Sherwood

Wow! I really could have waited a day or two to hear from her, but I'm sure she can't wait to share the news! :)

Congrats to Kira and Clay and the kids!


Yay for a new baby in the blogosphere! Welcome to the world little one...and Congrats to the whole family!

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