It's not that I'm tired or anything...
Sophia's birth

Did you know?

Did you know that a newborn baby requires A LOT of holding and feeding and changing and admiring?

Did you know that she will somehow produce more laundry than anyone else - EVERYONE else - in the family?

Did you know that one small person who weighs less than eight pounds and can't even form words yet can nonetheless upend an entire family's routine?

Did you know that sleep deprivation can make a person sort of...oh, what was the word?...stupid?

Did you know all that?

I did.

So why am I so surprised, every day?


Oh, hush. You know I'm worth it, Mom.



Oh, what a pretty baby!! Kira, she's just adorable.


Oooh! Bay-bee pictures!
Love it. She's a doll, and congratulations!


But she's so pretty! Who needs sleep?


She is adorable!


I'm in love! She's gorgeous!


And she's sarcastic already too! <3


I have been slain by the perfect little Cupid's bow of a mouth. I don't believe for a second that she does anything other than sing heavenly choruses and fart rainbows.

Antique Mommy

You know what is even crazier? I look at my long-legged 5YO and would love to do it ALL over again. Even the cruddy parts. Sigh. It is so worth it. What a pretty little baby you have ma'am.


Totally worth it.

Amma Always

Thank you for her. For every one of them. When God give a gift in a strange package, it just keeps on giving and giving. Kind of drives me to my knees in gratitude.

Heather Cook

wow, I can see your sons in her face!!

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