I hesitate to get too excited...
Preparations and prayers

...aaaaand we're back.

After a long, frustrating, and rather exhausting night, we're home again. No baby yet, but I do know at least three things for sure:

1) she's not going to be born in March,

2) I shouldn't assume I know what's going to happen with this child, and

3) I'm going to take a nap now.



OK, she is JUST trying to get you ready for the years ahead when she exhibits this stubborn attitude!

April is a wonderful month for a birthday!!


Oh man. Well, I'll be sending warm and labor-y thoughts to you. I hope she decides to come out soon.


And hey, you might still be able to have her in a snowstorm! Two more on the way! Oh wait, maybe that's not a good thing.


Ummm.... April fool's day? Maybe she'll be a prankster.


I think...you need...a Pie.

The One True Josh

Maybe she's just fitting in with the obedience curve that the rest of your kids have followed. Let THAT idea soak in for a few minutes....

MORE rambunctious than Raphael. Imagine.

Good luck!

H West

This is so wrong. Is this Obama's fault? This is ridiculous. I thought, surely, she would be born on April 1st, playing you the fool. Dang.

Heather Cook

Well, I have a very stubborn daughter who was born two weeks late... sorry, I shouldn't say that!

LOL on the Obama comment.

Heather Cook

(And since you got preggo during the Bush administration... it's definitely his fault, that's where it started....)

LOL Sorry, couldn't help it.


I too had a daughter who was late...17 days.
(but I am sure that is not going to be the case here...)

and Heather? Very funny!!

gretchen from lifenut

Oh, no! I thought for sure I'd pop over and read the happy news.

Adding to the "late daughters" theme of your other commentors: My oldest daughter was 10 days late.

Linda Sherwood

We need an update! :)


My sister was (she's now 70)an April Fools baby - in waiting, your little one is shoing wisdom beyond her years!


My daughter was early.

Oh, that's not helpful at all, huh. Sawry :D

Sarah D

I don't know if this is universal, but with my children so far, the duration of the pregnancy has followed the pattern of my HUSBAND's mother's pregnancies, and not my own mother's pregnancies. That is, for me it appears that daddy's genes in the baby are determining whether I give birth early, on time or late.

For us, it's late. My mother had her kids either smack on time or early, so when I went at least a week overdue with both of mine I was surprised. Until I talked to my MIL, and she cheerily mentioned that every single one of her 12 children had arrived no less than 10 days late. Mystery solved... I'm waiting eagerly to see an update!!!


Nothing yet? Sheesh... ;)

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