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Carmi - the duchess of a dog

I've decided that Carmi, our full-blooded mutt o' love is quite the lady. Like - a duchess of a dog, you know, if duchesses were given to shedding and licking their feet alllll night long with an endlessly annoying licklicklicklick sound. Other than that, she is very very ladylike. She declines to eat if anyone else is in the room, even if she's hungry. Fill her food bowl and stand there, and she'll trot over, all joy and wags, then sit, look at you, look embarrassed, gaze at the corner of the room, look back at you, etc. I've never been able to outwait her determination not to be caught eating, so I always leave, only to hear her snarfing up the food as I make my way around the corner. Enjoy, duchess.

She is a delicate soul, and if I raise my voice at the children (IF! Hahahahahahaha! "If," she says), she comes and stands  between me and the object of my - er - slightly amplified lecture, and shakes. She fixes me with big puppy eyes, and then just trembles at me. Bitch. (See what I did there? Because she's a female dog...? Am I the only one who amuses me?)
When she's out in the back yard, and wishes to come inside, she issues her request with a single, sharp bark. This is one of my favorite of her qualities, as we are bookended by two households that have dogs of the "unrelenting barking" variety. And if she's inside and wishes to go out (these two events are more closely - and repeatedly - linked in time than one might normally expect), she just looks at the most likely door opening candidate. Then she walks to the door. And back. Looks. Walks to the door. She can do this all day. Very ladylike. If I ask her if she wants to go outside, she bows, head to the floor. An honest to goodness downward dog. 

But here's what I wonder about - the question that haunts my days and my nights - what on EARTH does our duchess of a dog EAT to make her expel smells like that from her butt?



Well if it was the bunny who eats from your garden I don't think you would mind as much.


Heh. I think we have Carmi's sister-cat. Our cat, Katie, is quite ladylike most of the time. She even sits with her legs crossed. But -- alas -- she also is prone to sit for hours on end LOUDLY grooming her, er, nether regions with alarming gusto.

Linda Sherwood

I know that I couldn't answer, but I have a prince of a dog that lives in my house named Zeus that could probably tell you if he ever learned to speak English. He can make eyes water and clear a room SO fast....

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