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What I did for my summer vacation - by Kira

For my summer vacation I went to Washington state, to celebrate my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary.

This is Larry and Connie:

Not only have they been married 50 years, they still like each other. AND they are the best in-laws a person could possibly hope for.

There was a huge party to celebrate Larry and Connie's anniversary, with tons of family that I somehow didn't get many pictures of. However, Raphael is in love with his Aunt Brenda, and he's given to swiping cameras, so we got pictures of her.

One of the best parts of spending time with Clay's side of the family was watching them love on the kids.

Aunt Jill and Jennie

In the midst of the anniversary celebrations, they paused to wish my firstborn a happy birthday as he turned 13.

They live on an island in the Colombia river. Their yard looks like this:

Since there was water and sand, we had to do lots of this:


..and this:

For some reason, things needed to be whacked with sticks...a lot.


The aforementioned awesome in-laws let us borrow their RV and take it to spend a few days on the coast. It was pretty cold, but we found lots of sand dollars. And there were early morning walks on the beach. Jennie loved those.

A lot.

The boys got to drive their Grandpa's gator...

(see the loving father there, showing his SEVEN YEAR OLD how to operate farm equipment? Isn't he cute?)

...and shoot BB guns.


And if it looks like I just woke up from a nap here, it's because...um...I was JUST THAT RELAXED.

Doesn't Jennie's hair look awesome in the wind on the ferry?


It was so good to go, so good to come home, and is so, so good to be a part of such a big, loving family.

The End



It looks like a marvelously relaxing family time.

And you are gorgeous!


Looks like a lovely family and a great time was had by all.


Miss you all so much!!! It was so wonderful to spend time with you all & really get to know each & every one of you! Sorry they maybe were a little bit spoiled!
Love you all!

Rachael Obermeyer

You look awsome, your 21 right? You give off this awsome glow.
I cant beleive Tre is 13 already, it is so scary. It seems like yesterday that me and him were in the church christmas play.
Im so happy the family and everyone is so happy!
Miss you!

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