I'm always late on Monday
Ah...so THAT'S the problem.

Happy Birthday, Max

Today is Max's birthday. He's ten, or as we like to say, a double-digit midget.

He is headstrong, complex, and amazing. He has a formidable will...


...and a newfound interest in photography. I can't wait to see what that reveals.


He is my heart.

He is ten.



Aw, happy birthday Max! (My son is also 10 but does not have such great hair!)


Happy birthday to Monkey's hair twin! ;) Just LOOK at that tiny pic of the boys on the beach, down there... can you believe how BIG and STRAPPING your boys are now? Please put some bricks on their heads and stop them from growing, wouldja?


Happy Birtday Max! You are a very special son and a HUGE blessing. Leave it up to you to have rootbeer floats instead of cake, you are an original. Love You, Dad.


Aw... Happy Birthday, Max! And I have to say, you have *excellent* taste in birthday treats. Now I want a rootbeer float!


Happy Birthday Max! You have a great idea - next year I will have rootbeer floats for my birthday, too!

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