The constant is change
I'm always late on Monday

First of all thank you, everyone, for your comments. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy to hear from all you lurkers and old friends. And warm and fuzzy is a huge improvement over exhausted and queasy, lemme tell you. 

Seriously, y'all made me cry. More than once. I'm thrilled to share this will all of you - if I don't get lost in a pregnancy brain fog on my way to the computer every night. No promises. I'll do my best.

To answer a few questions - due date is March 29, which is nine days after I turn 38. And I'm feeling, well, sick and tired and foggy and...probably exactly how I should feel. The other day I pulled into a parking space, turned off the car, pulled out the keys, and transferred them to my left hand. Then I sat there, in a slight daze, for 30 seconds or so, and then I spent two minutes looking for my keys. Which were in my left hand. "Should you be driving?" Clay keeps asking. No, probably not. 

Yesterday I had my first doctor's appointment, and had an ultrasound. I got to see him/her, a fuzzy gray dot that did us the great honor of having a heartbeat. It made me cry. Pulse, little fuzzy gray dot, pulse! 

It is NOT twins, as Jennie had hoped (whew!), but one, perfectly sized for gestational age little guy/girl. We are blessed.

And I am sleepy. I was going to tell you all about the water main that broke up the street from us, but you'll just have to wait on that thrilling story. Try not to hold your breath the whole time, ok?  Not healthy.



Ah, the pregnancy brain fog, I remember it well. I lost my car keys too. Found them in the fridge.


Sounds like lots of naps are in order, we'll wait with bated, not held breath.

Julie in Austin

Go go little pulsing heartbeat! It is amazing the joy (and relief) I felt at my doctors appointments when I got to witness the proof of the thriving little life growing inside of me! After four sons, we closed down the factory, so I'll never be pregnant again. This fact makes me relieved since I am QUITE overwhelmed these days, but reading your story, I feel a tiny bit sad that I will never again experience the excitement and happiness of pregnancy and the warm bonding joy of breastfeeding. Sigh. I look forward to vicariously enjoying your adventure!


He/She is due on Samantha's birthday. And I KNOW that all children are gifts from God and blah blah blah but I'm totally thinking happy estrogen-filled thoughts. It only seems fair, and for the love of all that is good and holy can you IMAGINE the blogging potential if that happened?


YAY!!! We are thrilled for you, congrats!!
Deb & Wayne


Oh wow, I just caught up, and you made me cry!!!!! I'm super duper, over the top, completely happy for all of you. And for this baby who gets to be part of such a great family.

Congratulations to a special crew!!!


I don't know why insist on putting "guy/girl." Its going to be a girl; A sweet, precious little girl.


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Denise Altman

Pukey and sleepy are good-they mean hormones are revving up! This is great news to read today, congratulations!

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