I probably wouldn't have signed her petition, anyway.
We're back!

I'm just saying...

So, I don't want to suggest that things are out of control around here, but Raphael played a double-header tonight.

I don't want to say that was a bad idea, but we're leaving in the morning for a week and a half vacation, and our bags weren't packed as of end game time (8 a million o'clock. PM). 

And it's not that being unpacked would have been a problem, but I had a mammoth project that I absolutely HAD to finish before we left, and it was mostly undone, because of a BONE HEAD screw-up on my part.

Don't get the impression that we would be sunk without Clay, but he TOTALLY pulled it out of the fire for me tonight, and spent roughly a gazillion hours on the computer, until it was done and done RIGHT.

You shouldn't worry that the kids are a little wound tight at the excitement of it all, but Raphael did try to crawl in Max's bed at 10:30 tonight, and then protest very angrily when Max had the temerity to suggest that he should go back to his own bed. When I went downstairs to wrangle him back into his room, I discovered that he was a) completely asleep and with no idea of what was going on and b) naked. As I hauled his irritable, clammy-butt self back to bed, he groused at me that he did NOT know why I was bothering him when he was trying to sleep. Tre and Max stood outside his door and laughed at him, sotto-voiced, for a good ten minutes.

This is one of the beautiful built-in benefits of vacations. By the time you get there, you REALLY NEED to get away. 


Amma Always

Have a wonderful time. Don't lose any of my grandchildren in the wilds of where-ever. Sleep and eat and enjoy your family.


Heh. That is SO true -- I have a vacation coming up, and I'm convinced that my clients have conspired to ensure that I will be comatose the entire time.

Have fun!

Amma Always

Ummmm, I just re-read this post and... and you say I live in a time warp!!!???


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