Immovable object? Meet Kira.
Yessir, that's my baby


When I rolled into the Social Security Office this morning with my entourage of grubby boys, one of the security officers raise an eyebrow at me.

"Back again?"

"Yep. But this is IT!"

"You sure?" He was grinning at us now.

"Er...I really hope so?" I was loathe to display any hubris this close to the goal.

"That wasn't very confident. DO YOU BELIEVE IT?"


We took our number and sat down. It must have been the sheer power of my belief, because I was called to a window in twelve minutes. I found myself face to face with the last woman I talked to yesterday. 

"Here's the applications," I slid them through the window gap, "and the OFFICIAL LOOKING court documents, and the kids' ID, in the form of immunization records WITH stamps from the doctor's office to they exist."

She shuffled and frowned, as per SSO guidelines. She peered at me.

"Didn't I talk to you yesterday?" I nodded back brightly. Such is my indomitable spirit.

And this is the part I can't quite believe.

She read the applications, type, type, typed on her computer for a few minutes, then ran a pen stroke through each application, handed ALL the paperwork back to me, asked me to sign three papers, and said,

"Ok, you're done. You should have the new cards in the next ten days or so."

I stared at her, and at the papers in my hand, a little stunned that after ALL THAT they didn't even want to KEEP THE FLIPPING PAPERWORK, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Then I remembered myself, and said, "THANK YOU. If it weren't against the rules, I think I might KISS you."

I turned to go, and the security guard caught my eye. 


I raise both arms and shouted across the room, "TOUCHDOWN!"

And even the security guards cheered and clapped. The boys and I exchanged high fives, and we LEFT. AMEN.





And the crowd roared!


Game, set, match to Kira! (Yeah, I know I'm mixing sports metaphors. So sue me.)

Amma Always

There must have been confetti and streamers and balloons. At least in spirit. Come to think of it, I bet there were angels and saints cheering, right there in the SSO office, whooping and hollering, because they probably don't get a lot to cheer about there.

Now, KEEP YOUR PAPERWORK. Because if the ss cards for some reason do not appear in the next few weeks, you may have to go back. Call me a pessimist. But a celebrating pessimist.


HooRay!!! I love it when others recognize your hard work and successes - I want to find that security guard and hug him just for being there for you when you needed to beleive. I think he's a guardian angel though, and I'll bet if you go back you never see him there again ;-)


I totally read the last entry and this one aloud to my hubby and we laughed. Seriously LOL, not just typing it,


Well done!

And no tears. I totally would have been bawling. Or offering one of the frowning flippers the boys since I couldn't "officially" document who they were!

So funny!

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