Strawberries and chipmunks
Snapshots from summer

One of my favorite things about having this blog is that I catch ahold of the moments that would otherwise be forgotten. The real story of our lives is best captured in those small incidents, and sometimes I go back and read my own archives, just to relive it.

And having the opportunity to relive those moments also gives me the opportunity to retell them to the boys, and for Clay, who missed it the first time around. It's good for all of us, I think, to laugh together and retread the goofy past.

Today Tre was playing on the computer, one of his beloved mmrpog's. Now, a year ago I would have been horrified by mah baybee playing one of those games. I was pretty sure that was the equivalent of posting a banner ad reading "Pr3tty b0y 4 sale! Pervs plz apply!" But as it turns out, it is actually NOT the same thing. Of course, use logical precautions, actual results may vary, etc, etc. But Tre plays a handful of those games and today he was engrossed in one.

"I'm totally blowing up this guy," he announced.

"That's no way to make friends," I chided, "remember to USE YOUR WORDS."

"But, Mom!" he replied, laughing, "He won't tell me yes ma'am!"

And that, right there, is why I blog.



Heh. Thanks for the reminder about "He won't tell me yes ma'am." One of my faves from your blog.

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