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I. Am. Such. A. Dork.

This morning I got a call from my dad.
"So," he said, "Amazon sent me an email, telling me that Joshilyn Jackson has a new book out that I really should read. Did I miss that?"
Yes, I told him, Joss DOES have a new book out. I gave him my brief review, offered to loan him my copy, then hastily retracted, telling him to buy his own dang book.
Then I got off the phone. It took me a few minutes, for it to hit me (before 10 AM - useless), but when it did, I promptly died a little on the inside.
I never mentioned it. Right here, on my own tiny forum, I never shilled her book. I am such a lousy friend. 
Not just to Joshilyn, who, frankly, can sell plenty of books without my help. But I know at least one person out there (Amy S., I'm looking at you) who was expecting a heads up when the next book came out. She loves her some good southern literature. And my friends, Joshilyn writes some of the best. 
If you enjoyed gods in Alabama and Between, Georgia, you'll love The Girl Who Stopped Swimming. If you DIDN'T like gods or Between, you are dead to me. Ok, maybe not DEAD. But still. I am cranky at you.
Go, Go! and order your own copy. I promise you, the book is amazing, a thrill ride from the first sentence - but I swear, it's worth the cover price just for the last two lines. *swoon* 
Here's the handy Amazon link: The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, but if you have access to an independent book seller (local Denverites, you have NO EXCUSE), you really should try to patronize them. Really. 
I hope, once you have the pretty, pretty book in your hot little hands, you can forgive me - especially since I've had mine *ducks head in shame*



Because I am a huge cheapskate, I requested it from the library. There are 19 holds on 19 copies. Considering that I requested them to buy gods in Alabama a couple of years ago, it's saying something that now they are already ordering multiple copies. (And not just that J is a great writer, but that I'm a cheapskate from way back. Actually I requested gods even though you gave me a copy just so other people could have the opportunity to read it. Aren't I thoughtful?)


I really like you. Not is some sick, scary way. I just like the way you talk when you write. You have good stories with great endings. Thanks for sharing.


This is my favorite book of hers. Love, love love it!


Huh. Well, fortunately for me, I actually found your blog through Joshilyn's, so I already have a signed copy. So, given that I've already devoured the book and laughed and cried and stayed awake too late flipping pages and then had my heart gently broken in the good way by the last two lines... I forgive you.


I have always bought her books and had her sign them, but I cannot justify the expense right now. Makes me sad. I want to read it but I guess I will suck it up and put it on hold at the library.


And I just spent 2 hours in Borders last night and did not see the book. You know I would have been all over that sucker. The good news is that they gave me a 25% off coupon so...of course I can afford it! What else would my economic stimulus check be for than books? Tell Ms. Joshilyn I am a BIG fan. She rates up there with Ms. Flagg.

No reason to feel guilty. It was from this wonderful blog that I learned about Joshilyn Jackson's books. I have read and very much enjoyed all three, and have insisted that friends near and far buy them. They have, and have told others.... so you have done well.


yes. you. are. a. dork.......
but i still think you are an awesome stepmom

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