Great work if you can get it.
An apology


Better living through chemistry

So I took Max back to the doctor for a med check/follow up. While his doctor and I talked about the amazing improvements we've seen in his school work and behavior, and how to get food in him, since the medicine makes food seem like the least important thing in the world (yet they won't give it to ME, go figure), Max sat calmly and listened. Toward the end of the visit I said, "I...don't know if you remember our last visit..." I inclined my head meaningfully toward Max, "or how different this one is?" Dr. S grinned and pushed Max's chart toward me and pointed to where he'd written, Patient is alert and cooperative. Exhibits decreased restlessness. We both sat there, smiling over the understatement that was.

Indeed, Doc. Thanks.

The wonders of the Wii

We have a Wii. And you know what? They're such a revolution in gaming. Instead of being the same old passive experience, they're practically exercise.


I mean, the physicality of's truly inspiring.


Our dog is a dork

Really, she is. Her favorite thing to do these days is to go outside and roll around and waller in the grass. Except it's March, and the grass is dry and brown and dead, so she ends up coming back inside, COVERED in grass. Fortunately, we are effectively training her not to do this, because when she shows up at the door, bedecked in grass, someone goes outside with her, and brushes her. These are two of her very favorite activities in the world. Pretty much the only thing that would make that event better for her is if the neighbor's cat would come by with a steak strapped to her butt. Stupid dog is thrilled.

But no, that's not the dorkiest thing about her. She's completely neurotic. She's scared of chairs, and trimming her nails causes her to whimper and wail like you're boiling her alive. And she has this THING about bones. She likes them, the rawhide ones, but she won't let anyone see her chewing on them. You give her a bone and she'll take it in her mouth and trot off to hide somewhere and gnaw on it. If anyone else is in the room, she looks away from the bone as though it has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER.

See? I took pictures, stealth-like, around the corner.


Yummy bone, says Carmi. Nom nom nom nom.


But wait...she sees me!


Oh, hai. What? I've never seen this thing before. Want to go outside and roll in the happy grass?

Then she hopped up and licked my ear. Stupid dog.

Do you know what today is?

*smiles coyly*

It's the first day of Spring!

It's Maundy Thursday!

It's...Ok, enough of the coy.


I am 37, a prime number, and in the prime of my life. Gifts are not required, but compliments will be graciously accepted.

*looks meaningfully at the "comment" button*


Ugo Daniels

Hey, todays my birthday too, came across your blog as i was searching for a birthday message online!

You go and have a wonderful one, lots of fun..cheers!!


Happy happy birthday!!!

You don't look a day over 36.

Mine was Tuesday



Happy Birthday! You are smart and have very pretty hair. :-)

ccr in MA

Well, happy birthday, you!

I love that expression on the dog's face when she sees you. My cats do the exact same look when, for instance, I catch them bouncing around in the bathtub. "Oh, hai."


Happy Birthday!!!! Mine is on Monday ;-)

Gotta love the Spring babies!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it's wonderful, happy and the start of many good spring things to come!


Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to hear Max is doing well with the meds. Gives me hope. Have a wonderful year. To being 37! (I am too)


Happy Birthday!



Happy, happy birthday! You look amazing!


Happy Birthday!

The drugs are amazing. It is the only reason one of mine is alive ;-)


Happy Birthday, pretty one!


happy birthday!

mine is NOT today. and i'm NOT 37.

but otherwise? we're like twins ;-)


Happy Birthday, dear one, and thank you for being a trailblazer to the land of 37 for me! You totally make it look cool.


Oh, you mean this comment button? How handy!

Happy Birthday! You are pretty and charming and you don't look a day over 30. Hope you have a great day!

Linda Sherwood

Happy Birthday! You look mahvahlous! I don't think Carmi is stupid. I think you are interpreting her behavior incorrectly. It isn't that she is uncapable of eating in anyone's presence. It is that she is so memorized by your beauty as you enter the room that she completely forgets about the yummy bone. And when your beauty can interfere with a dog's eating habits, that's saying something.

And if Carmi exhibits this same behavior when your children enter the room, it is to be expected because your children are from your loins, and (I've seen the pictures) they are just as memorizing. And if it happens with Clay in the room, Carmi's behavior is explained one (or all) of several ways:
Gorgeous girls get the gorgeous guys;
Clay's internal beauty (and I know he has plenty of that) shines through his external beauty; and
Clay smells like you and the kids, clearly creating a Pavlov reaction.

(This last one explains the behavior Carmi exhibits when anyone - even the random cable guy - enters the room. Dogs have sensitive noses, and I watch CSI and know how the briefest contact can create all kinds of transfer. You open the door to let the cable guy in, a breeze spreads Kira-scented particles all over the cable-guy -- and you get Pavlov's reaction from Carmi.)

Once more with feeling:

Happy Birthday, Kira!


You are sooo pretty! And 37? I would have never guessed. Hope your special day is filled with laughter and love....and presents!

Happy Birthday Kira!

Amma D

I remember the day you were born... There was snow on the ground and I remember looking at it as I left the house and got into the car and thinking my life was about to change forever. We stopped and had tea, and took our time, so that when we finally arrived the nurses were cranky, wondering where we were.

When you were born you opened your eyes and looked right into mine, and my life did change, forever. That look, it was the look God gave you to pass on to me.

After, when we were ready to go up from the labor and delivery suite in the basement, to post partum on the 8th floor, the nurse rolled me on a guerney into an elevator, and rolled your bassinette in next to me, pushed the button for the 8th floor, and stepped out. As the door closed she said "When you get to the 8th floor, hold the door open with your toe, and yell for someone to come and get you!" And I turned into a mama bear, ready to roar and defend my baby girl in the wilds of elevator land!

The stories, they could go on and on. But mostly, I just thank God for you, dearest daughter! Happy Birthday... but I got the gift.


Happy birthday!


Hey, it's my birthday today too!! I'm not 37 though - I was once but that was (thinking??) let's just say last year and look at something shiny.

Have a Very Happy Day!!!


Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday! Mine is Saturday, and Ohhh My.....I'll be 60!!!
Enjoy your day, and God Bless.


That must have been quite the meaningful look, cause I rarely comment anywhere!

Happy Birthday!


One should be careful where one sits to read comments. I read Amma's while filling in for the receptionist down at Pioneer. It is embarassing to cry at reception.

However, I remember the day you were born too. It was Saturday morning the day after Augustana Nursing school closed for spring break. Labor started early that morning. A joyful event since Dawn was intent on graduating in the fall. She had already had patients in her practicum jump out of bed to help her with her rounds.

We took Josh to Candy and Sam's, then Dawn threw up in the snow, we checked into L&D and a hard labor began. Finally at about 4 PM you made your appearance. Dawn's face was flushed with pushing effort. She laid back on the table and cried. I laughed out loud - a girl child. We didn't know ahead of time. Then you went away and I went home. At 3AM I got the call. Dawn had chosen your middle name - Jael.

Bless you sweet daughter. This happy day blesses that first happy day 37 years back.


Well Happy Birthday!

(Hey, guys, I wonder how she's gonna act when she turns FORTY?!?!)

I got to thinking about your dog. Maybe you could slip her some of Max's meds.


Happy Birthday, Kira!
Isn't it great that your birthday falls on the first day of Spring!!?? You have a refreshing perspective of life in general that I can't stay away - love to read your blog every week. 37 was a great year for me (I'm sadly enjoying 2 more months of it, before I add another number...*groans*)
I hope you have a great day!

Happy Spring Birthday!!!


You are pretty and funny and have a weird dog. Happy Birthday from the other side of 40!!


Meds were the greatest thing for my oldest son too. The difference is breathtaking. Finding the right dosage so he'd eat took awhile, but we're there now. He's calmer AND he will actually eat. Good thing, too. The kid doesn't have an ounce of fat on his body and once we fixed his dosage he gained a pound a month for three solid months as well as shoot up half an inch. But isn't the difference amazing?


Happy, happy!! Hope it was a great day! :)


Happy Birthday, Kira! You are pretty and smart.

shannon in oregon

happy birthday! hope it has been a splendid one!


Happy Birthday my beautiful princess


Lots of very happy birthday wishes Kira! Thanks for aways making me happy when I see a new blog entry, and this may not mean much to you but you are the first blog on my bloglist. Have a great year!

Angela Klocke

Happy The Day After Your Birthday!!!

Alison C

Happy Birthday Kira!

I have just spent the last few weeks reading your archives after Mir sent me over.

I love your writing, you have made me laugh an cry, and just want to eat your boys up! They are so gorgeous and that husband of your's is lovely too.

Anyway just wanted to say hello an hope you had a lovely day.


I don't want to toot my own horn or anything(*beep*beep*) but I actually got you something spectacular for your present this year. I found a lovely, self-proclaimed "hippie" couple down the street who dropped a hint to me the other day that even though it took you two years to get all of your crap out of their house, they actually miss it now. So I talked to them, and they have agreed to let you move back in. *I* know!!! Am I the best former neighbor or stalker (whatever) you have ever had OR WHAT? When you move back in I will make you cake and we will have a block party.

Mary Jo

Happy LATE Birthday Kira!!! It's been forever since I've been online. I hope your birthday was wonderful.


Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Kira! .... Can't wait till you're PRESIDENT!


Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Kira! .... Can't wait till you're PRESIDENT!


Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Kira! .... Can't wait till you're PRESIDENT!


Happy birthday to you!

Kira, it's always a wonderful moment to visit your corner of the world. Your insight, your clarity, your skill, and your way of looking at the beauty of your family is deeply rewarding. Thanks for putting yourself into the ether!

Hope you had a great cake day.



happy easter


Dear Friend,

May God continue to bless you. Knowing you and yours has been one of the joys of my life.

All this and it is Easter, too. Happy Easter!!!


hahha ok soooo three thing has to be said...
1.HAPPY Birthday(only six days late)
im pretty happy with myself lol most the time its a month or soooo
2. that dog is in my room!!!
hahha just thought i'd share that with everyone
3. i really don't know the 3rd thing...just felt like three was a better number the two?
yeah sure that what i think!!!
love ya

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