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An apology

Every so often, as I am reading others' blogs, I'll stumble across a situation, wherein the author of the blog offends someone. Unintentionally, usually, they write something that is taken the wrong way...it always makes me wince. That's the scary thing about blogging, your words out there, being interpreted. Judgments being cast.

I, for the most part, have avoided that sort of thing. Well, there was the one incident with the Bionicles - sorry, BIONICLE, no S, please. Really, I can't get too upset about mildly annoyed Bionicle trolls.

No, for the most part, I've carefully watched my words here. I've agonized over phrases and left out stories that I thought might offend. Sometimes I think I err on the side of over cautious, but oh well. We all have to pick our comfort zone, right?

However, I suppose it had to happen eventually. Even the most carefully worded opinions will eventually wound someone you love, and so, I must say this...

Raphael would like you all to know that Carmi is not a stupid dog. She is the smartest dog ever, and also nice and perfect and wonderful and even if she does fart sometimes, she doesn't mean anything bad by it, and besides it's funny. She sits when she's told and she chases the squirrels out of the yard, and even if she did run into the fence that one time, it was just because she was looking at the squirrel.

I apologize to Carmi and to the boy who adores her so. He's right, she's not stupid at all. She's great. A gem.

For a stinky dog.



You have a tough audience, there. And really, any dog who chases squirrels out of the yard is a gem, stinky or no.


I don't believe that Raphael said that. That isn't even a full breathe of air for him. You must have parapharsed or left out some tangent he must have went on.
I didn't tell you this morning how much Happy Grass she had on her.

Amma Always

Clay's right. Amazingly brief for Raphael.


so i thought it was going to be something serious and then when i read it lol all i could do was laugh!!!
wow i miss those boys soooo much and you and dad too!!!

shannon in oregon

i call my josie a dingus often. i know she's not, but she acts it sometimes.

carmi is a darling girl...albeit stinky. hey, your words. LOL

Angela Klocke

Tee hee...!

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