It's the season, stupid

He's so cool

Guess who got his glasses this weekend?


He reports that everyone he knows, and even some people he didn't realize he knew, thinks he looks great. And he does. What I'm glad about though, is that he seems...happy. I'm sure they'll irritate him eventually, but for now he just seems content to look at the world and see it in focus.

"I can see your individual hairs," he tells me, dreamy. "I can see the lines in the bark on the tree."

He just seems a little more content.


He looks surprisingly natural in them. After an entire lifetime of looking at his face without glasses, I'm already not noticing them. They just seem right. And cool. Very cool. Max was worried he would look like a dork in glasses, but I told him he just doesn't have it in him.


Max will always be cool.




He looks wonderful! Nice choice of frames. Way to go, Max!


Delurking here... and yes, my Bugaboo post is sadly outdated.... But I had to surface to comment on what a GOOD LOOKING boy you have. The glasses are the icing on the cake, he looks... well you nailed it, natural. And totally handsome. I'm so glad he can see clearly! And I pray that he'll never see anything he doesn't find amazing.


Max is *definitely* cool. And the glasses look great!


He looks so so great in these. I remember when I first got glasses, they were WAY dorky. Thank God Max is part of this decade and has a cool mom to help him pick them out. But I do still remember being able to see the leaves on trees. Everything seemed like it had more color, even.


All the cool kids wear glasses! Max looks great.


glasses have come a long way since i was an 8-year-old dork.

he looks way cool. and that hair? to die for.


I remember getting my glasses for the first time, I was so excited that I could see individual leaves on the trees!

He looks great in the glasses by the way.

Angela Klocke

He looks TOTALLY cool! Yay for him!

(We begin braces and such next week.)

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