During this entire conversation, #249 worked on a Latin test

Some thoughts from a beautiful Autumn weekend

You might think that having boys around that are plenty big enough to rake leaves would be a help...


...you would be wrong.


You're not the only one who plays Uno, Mir. Around here, it is the cause of much laughter...


...and SOMEONE has a special dance he does, when he defeats the little boys.


It occurred to me, as the cold rolled in on Sunday, that there may not be enough time left for this...


...to become a full grown cantelope.

In other news, Tre says, "GO ROCKIES," ...


...and swears he's not taking off the hat until they win the World Series.

Winter may be coming, but life is ever so sweet.



Nice glimpse of life at Chez Kira!


Dancing? I haveta remember that for next time.

Wanna hear something funny? You and I have the same kitchen table. ;)


Oh, yeah, the Uno Victory Dance. And baseball is all about superstition, so go Tre! Wear the cap! Except at church. And at dinner. And whenever your mom says to take it off. Other than that, all the time. And have you seen the weather report? The canteloupe has plenty of time. We'll be planting tomatoes in February if this keeps up.

Mary Jo

I am so happy for the Rockies! I wanted them to win really bad... now I just need these Indians to pull through! GO INDIANS! haha :P


I'm appreciating Tre's loyalty and greatly share his enthusiasm. And luckily he's just showing it with his hat - it's when they refuse to change things like underwear that it becomes a real problem!

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