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One successful Halloween


Ok, look, I know it's like...two days 'til Halloween...what? ONE day? Shoot.


Here is the thing: I have the boys' costumes, thank the sweet Lord above, because they were going to drive me stark raving mad with the "When are we getting costumes, Mom? Huh? When? Today? Maybe right now? You know we need costumes, right? When? WHEN? WHENWHENWHENWHEN? And why are you crying?"

Seriously, the nice hospital people were going to end up carrying my lifeless body away, whilst being tailed by three boys, chorusing, "So, when you're done with this one nervous breakdown, can we go get costumes? Today, maybe?"

So, with that sort of incentive, I got those darling children to a party store to find costumes two weeks ago.

That, by the way, is why they do that. It works.

ANYHOW, I totally won costume shopping, because we scored three ninja costumes, which were on sale for FIVE BUCKS EACH. Didn't I WIN COSTUME SHOPPING? I totally convinced the boys that the five dollar costumes were WAY COOLER than any of those other lame $24 costumes, which I wasn't going to buy them anyhow. Besides, they could be some sort brigade! A fleet of ninjas! A ninja-thon!

I think they agreed just to get me to stop being so flippin' enthusiastic. Here, sadly, is where things went awry. Part of my enthusiastic sales job of the ninja-rama included me promising they could all choose their own weapons to go with their costumes. Aaaaand that is how I ended up spending $50 on five dollar ninja costumes.

Ahem. *examines fingernails during a moment of awkward silence*

I didn't actually win costume shopping, did I?

Oh well. The point here is that I shall now be shepherding three fiercely small ninjas around on Wednesday, and so the idea has come up that I should dress up too. Coordinate, if you will. The boys think it would be cool if I was a princess and then the could be my protecting ninja horde, which yessss, that's very cute and all...I muttered something about patriarchy. What I meant was that I am too old to wear tulle.

So! Your mission, should you choose to accept it! Give me an idea - something that coordinates with a flock of ninjas - one not too difficult to execute (I'm not hot gluing nor sewing. Buying a cheap skirt at Goodwill...maybe) - and I might just dress up for Halloween. Impress me with your creativity! Please! Because I'm trying to have more FUN as a mom, and my last idea (following the World Series) didn't bring quite the level of joy around here that it could have.

*bites knuckle, hard*



shannon in oregon

for some reason pirate comes to mind, but that's only because a friend had a ninjas vs. pirates party this past weekend. no, i didn't i'm afraid i got nothin'.

H West

O.K. You be the ninja star thing-a-ma-bob. Just get 2 big pieces of black poster board, cut them out in the shape of a star with funky points and tape one to your front and one to your back. That would be perfect. No? How about dressing up as nonechucks or numbchuks or whatever the heck you call them. How about painting your entire body black, dye your hair black and walk around with a whip. The ninja mom. Howsabout walking around as yourself. We homeschool moms already have ninja-like qualities, right? Or, you could paint yourself up really bloody and gory like and rip your clothes and say the ninjas attacked you. Or, I think you should forget the whole thing and just steal all their candy.


Be a Japanese princess, in disguise for your protection of course. Wear a loose tunic with a belt and fake dagger tucked in over loose short pants, think yoga pants or something. Stick your hair in two buns on your head with chopsticks in them and paint a little red circle on your lips and there you go. Bonus, no tulle.

Or go for the princess not in disguise and find yourself a red brocade dressing gown at a thrift store and tie it tight about you and tie a box or pillow into a bunch of fabric and then tie it around your waste with the box on your back and pretend it's a kimono. If you have a white robe wear it under neath the red on and make the collar show underneath and match the line. Stick dangly combs in elaborately tight up hair and wear white socks with flips flops, or clogs. White face and red lips again.

If you were at my house I'd raid my husband's martial arts wear collection and have you outfitted in a minute or two, complete with weapons, but we live a bit too far away for that to happen. :)


I've got a princess that could use protecting by ninja warriors. And I'll throw in a Jedi too. I'll split the candy with you fifty-fifty, but you have to keep all the Jolly Ranchers. I'm dressing up as the Mom who Cares for Once.


I say you should be a bunny. Tortoise and the hare?

I like the Japanese princess idea a lot. Very tied in. :-)

Jan in Norman, OK

Kimono (a/k/a bathrobe), long walking stick, headband = Ninja master!


Yes, you did win shopping (at least with the non-weapon parts of the costumes).

As for ideas... I think go with a kimono or bathrobe and be Crouching Tiger. Or was it Hidden Dragon?


Three Ninja's need a Master, right? So done yourself up with a White or Gray robe, a Chinese straw Hat, and a cane. Ditto, you are the Master!

Amma Always

Whatever you wear, make sure you have warm clothes under it, because it can get freakin' cold out there! There are lots of ideas for costumes a few entries ago at the Dilbert Blog, but I am thinking the boys might not be ready for those costume ideas just yet.

We are turning out the lights and going to a movie, after a brief stop at your house to be frightened by the ninja-ness.


I vote for the kimono, bun, powdered face and red lipstick! I'm sure you can find an asian print dress or top at Goodwill. And if you can stand it you can wear flip-flops with socks. Good luck! (and it goes without saying... we'll all be expecting pictures!)


Amma, she is only Trick-or-Treating during day light hours and inside an office building. The REAL Trick-or-Treating will be done at night. With sugar crazed boys and me. Its gonna be great!


Definitely the Japanese Princess. And pictures are a must! ;)


So now I just have to see "Kira-Geisha" because that's the costume that sounds the best. And I'm not one bit bitter that I didn't come up with the idea - really - I'm not. Photos on 11/01 (or perhaps 02 after the sugar coma) are a must.

This year my last baby (16) has finally decided that she is too old to "trick-or-treat." I wish it hadn't happened the same year that my oldest baby turned 30. The kiddo is still dressing up but it's not the same.


I got nothin'. But I do have a pair of cheap handcuffs you can borrow.

H West

LOVE the ninja master idea. You HAVE to go with that one and you HAVE to post a picture.


You could be their sensei????? Wear a white robe and a headband... ???


Ohhhhhh! Thanks Clay. I wondered about that. As far as I know, the Ninja Princess or Sensei has an unbroken record of NOT going out to trick-or-treat. She just doesn't know a good time when she is offered one!


I just re-read this post AND my comment. How embarassing. Somehow I read that you found three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes. I shouldn't be allowed out...not even on the Internet.

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