Note to self: being true fends off mom-whapping
Some thoughts from a beautiful Autumn weekend

During this entire conversation, #249 worked on a Latin test

Mid-day phone ringing! It must be Clay! It could be a hundred other people, most of whom tend to be representing charitable organizations that are hoping we have used clothing to donate (ha! used SHREDS of clothing, maybe), but let's hope.


"Hi there, beautiful," it IS Clay! Either that, or the Lupus Foundation is finessing their approach. "Whatcha doing?"

"Oh, Max and Raphi were just out front, gazing in awe at a butterfly landing on the purple mums. So I slid open the window and barked at them to get inside and get to work. The work of spirit-squashing, it never ends."

"Yeah, well, numbers 250 and 251 are like that. They wander off."

"Uh...are we referring to the kids by numbers now?"

"The kids ARE numbers now."

There was a pause while I considered this for a moment. Then it dawned on me.



I will spare you the next part of the conversation, wherein I cooed my admiration of him, and he modestly pointed out that there will probably be issues to be confronted in the future. For, you see, the court case numbers he was referring to would be the result of months of paper-chasing on his part, culminating in the packet he turned into the court this morning.

So he can adopt the boys.

Wheels in motion, hoops to be jumped through...we have to have a home study done, which makes me completely paranoid. We're hoping for a court date by Christmas. Makes me cry, just typing that.

"Hey," I said, as Max fell off his chair and proceeded to roll around in the dog hair under his desk, and Raphael brought me his printing workbook to show me how he'd done a whole page in letters like a robot would, "do you think now that they're numbers they'll be a little more orderly in their behavior?

"Well, it all depends on if they follow mathematical principals. 249? Sure. But 250 and 251? I doubt it."


Laura GF

Every time I read something you write about Clay it just makes me so happy you found such a wonderful man. Good luck for moving through this process quickly and smoothly.


That's because 249 is divisible by three! And 251, well, tsk tsk. Prime number originality there. Look out!


This is great, Kira.


i don't know the rest of the story, but congratulations on the progress!!


OMG! Thinking of 'by Christmas' makes me cry a little, too. Best wishes with it all!!!


this is soooooo awesome, kira! i'm so happy for you!


Now THAT would make for a great Christmas! I'll try to waft all my good karma your direction. Could take a while, but I'm on it.

Serenity Now!

Wow! How exciting! That would be so awesome!


That's news worth waiting to hear. Congratulations Kira.


Hey listen...I've had so many social workers over here between homestudies and updates and post placement screenings for more court dates...I PROMISE you, homestudies aren't nearly as bad as you are thinking. Someone just sits down with you and talks about your history, the boys personalities, the way you handle discipline, etc...

It is all worth it, eh? GREAT news for your family.



Words seem inadequate. Wishing you all the best...

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