The antidote to fear

Because it's all about being a champion

In the last week everyone in the family has caught their first cold of the season. Everyone EXCEPT me, that is.

Ok, Tre hasn't gotten sick either. The point is that CLAY has succumbed and I have not, which clearly means that I'm winning.

Now, I can see how looking at that previous sentence written there like that, in cold black and white, you might be shaking your head a little. Maybe even thinking how immature I can be. I understand why you would think so - to which I say, "Shut it. Poop head."*

It's really not fair, I'll admit. After all, this morning at 6 (!), when Clay gently kissed me good-bye and headed manfully off to work, I chortled to myself and burrowed deeper amongst the warm covers and pillows, intent upon sleeping a few extra hours of the kind of sleep that is kryptonite to viruses. Ha ha! I am SO WINNING! UNFAIRLY! BUT STILL!

So you can imagine my joy when mere minutes later (ok, 90 minutes. Still.), I was pounced upon by my eldest son, who had roused himself just to check the morning paper.

"THEY DID IT!" he bellowed.

"Whaaa?" I peeled my eyelids open, throwing up my arms to shield my head from the onslaught of noise and unacceptable levels of joy.


And indeed, we are.

Go Rockies.

And me.

* I would so NOT say that, in real life. First of all, "shut it," is the same thing as "shut up," and We Don't Say That. Secondly, I'm still trying to live down the Slubby Pee Head incident. I will not be found guilty of Poop Head too.



YOu know, of course, that by blogging this, you will come down with the worst cold of your life in the near future.


go rockies! hope the long break doesn't affect their mojo.

and i totally get this competition - it's just a little healthy health competition and if your winning, your winning. I do think this could quickly turn to losing - imagine everyone but you gets sick. you lovingly nurse them back to good health. then you get sick and they're off celebrating their new lease on life while you are just barely hanging on. but i'm sure that won't happen to you.


Somehow I don't find this at all odd considering that someone in your family told me all about "moral one-up-manship." And don't celebrate too soon....some of us are You might be hearing "God Bless You" after everyone else is way over their bug.


Hmm, since it's been a while since this post, did you, in fact, succumb?


For all of you who were wondering and hoping for my fall from grace - NO, I did NOT get sick. Ha! I TOTALLY WIN.

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