I suspect even the imperfect are allowed to enjoy a summer afternoon
I thought I'd feel sorry for myself for awhile...

Labor day - ALREADY!

A couple of weeks ago Linda left this comment:

OK, isn't it time for the oh my, summer is over, I'm not ready for the new school year blog? I swear it is close!

I read it and chuckled. Yes, it’s what I do.

Except…not this year, I thought. I believe I’m seasoned enough to skip the Labor Day Panic. No, I think I’ve matured beyond that.

Ha ha.

I would be fine, I swear I would, except I’m trying a new math program, and that has thrown me into complete chaos. What was I thinking? What was wrong with the OLD math? Sure, it was completely dry and boring and repetitive with its repetitive repetitiveness over and over again and then one more time, but at least I KNEW WHAT TO EXPECT. And it didn’t assault me with DVD instruction and new manipulatives…WHAT, WE’RE TOO GOOD FOR PLASTIC BEARS ALL OF A SUDDEN?

*pant, pant, pant*

I spent the afternoon sifting through school supplies, wild-eyed and irrational. As evening drew near, Clay reminded me it was time to go to my parents’ house for dinner (I love my parents. LOVE THEM). We sent the kids to get in the truck, and they filed out, squabbling. Clay was searching for something, and I hung back with him, not wanting to wait in the truck with irritable, bickering boys.

“I’ll just wait until you’re ready,” I said. “No reason to expose myself to too much of that.”

“Makes sense,” Clay replied.

“Are you saying I neglect them? I’m a withdrawn, abandoning parent?”

“What? No! Those boys have never been neglected a moment in their lives by you.”

“OH, RIGHT. So now I’m some sort of helicopter parent?”

”No. What?”

Makes you wish you were here, doesn’t it? I’m sure Clay wishes you were here too.

Well, here we go, headlong into a new school year. I'm sure everything will be fine, eventually.

Wish us luck – wish us learning – and wish us joy.

And maybe a touch of sanity. You know, for Clay.


Linda Sherwood

If it makes you feel better, we are going school shopping TODAY. And school starts tomorrow. I actually woke up last night panicking about it. I had planned to go before, and then we went camping, and you can't go when you are camping....

School tomorrow? (Whimper.)


As if you really ever used the plastic bears...


I came over here from Journeymama.com... just wanted to leave a comment and let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog. Your post about peaches and your blended family really touched a chord with me (and I relate to the Labor Day panic as well!).

Wishing you much luck, learning, and joy...

studly steele

Clay: I hear there are support groups for these kinds of things. I'm just saying.


This year almost ALL of our curricula is new, EXCEPT math and my dd's spelling program. Argh. What was I thinking? And I bought the stuff back in May...did I use my summer wisely and read and prepare? Noooo. Here we are...started school yesterday...and I'm still not prepared. I'm sooo winging it at the moment. :::sigh::: But, I'll catch up eventually. :}

Have a great year!


I'm here from Journey Mama - I loved your perfect post, and this one is lovely too. I think I write that post every year - even before I started blogging, I was writing that post - I just had nowhere to put it.

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