Labor day - ALREADY!
Half the reason I fuss is because he loves to object

I thought I'd feel sorry for myself for awhile...

...because I'd gotten my feelings hurt and I was sad.

But then I collected these from the garden...


...and cooked them down into a few quarts of summer to stash in the freezer.

And I picked the tiniest cantaloupe I've ever seen...


...and we ate it with dinner.


And it was delicious.

And then, as though that weren't enough...

...sweet Rae over at Journey Mama awarded me a Perfect Post award for August.

Perfect Post Award for August 2007 Thanks, Rae. I guess I'll feel sorry for myself another day.



those are tiny!!! and im proud of you lol love from wyoming

Linda Sherwood

And what about the hurt feelings? Have someone specific you need beaten up? I might be able to help. ;-) Not that I have experience, but no one is supposed to hurt Kira's feelings. Grrr...

-- Loyal blog reader


Oh my gosh...that is the cutest little cantaloupe I've ever seen! :)


You're welcome! You deserve it.

And those tomatoes look amazing!


AWWW! so tiny! and that's great! congradulations!


Oh, I like you. How awesome that you can take a mopey (is that a word?) day and turn it into a reflection of life and your garden. Will you be my friend?

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