I thought I'd feel sorry for myself for awhile...
Life goes on, even if AfterLucy doesn't

Half the reason I fuss is because he loves to object

I yanked open the garage door, on my way to the back yard to collect a fistful of velvety sage. Clay was handing Tre a screwdriver and a box of outlet covers, saying, "Just remember. Don't stick anything IN the box." Tre nodded. I crossed my arms and blocked his entry to the house, glaring at Clay.

"Are you giving him a job that could kill him?" The two of them exchanged a look.

"No, not KILL him. Seriously injure him, maybe," was Clay's reassuring response. Tre tried to pinch his lips against a smile.

"Are you SURE this child is old enough for a job that could seriously injure him?" Tre rolled his eyes and heaved a sigh.


I put my hand on one of Tre's shoulders.

"Are you SURE?" I pressed.

"YES." Clay put his hand on the other shoulder.

"Sheesh, Mom," Tre said, brushing past me. He worked to keep the smile off his face, and very nearly succeeded.  I watched him stride into the house, shoulders squared. I kissed Clay and went on my way to the back yard. 


Heather C.

So sweet! I love the pinching lips part... my son does that!


haha thats all i can say
i mean old enough to do a job that might seriously injure someone lol my dad is 41 or so and look what he did lol

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