The goobers of summer

See what I mean about this guy?

I leaned against Clay and he wrapped his arm around my waist as we waited for the water to boil for tea. He nuzzled my hair and murmured,

“Are you wearing perfume or something?”

I coyly shook my head no. He breathed in deep.

“Oh, because you smell funny.”

And then I laughed until my stomach hurt while he fought very hard to explain that he just meant different, and in a good way, but went on to state that what he meant was that I smelled weird.

Is it any wonder I adore him?



And I bet the more he tried to explain what he meant, you laughed even harder!! Men are funny (women are too for that matter) and it never ceases to amaze me some of the things that they say. Serious faces, mind registering exactly what came out of the mouth, look of panic in eyes...too funny!!!


What? Only one comment in two days? This, I cannot let stand. Of course, that particular choice of descriptive word was a bit, shall we say, difficult to renegotiate. Still, he DID sniff your hair, surely a gesture of deep affection if mothers are anything to go by. =)


lol too cute and funny

Woman with Kids

What a sweet talker!

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