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The loss of a chuffy-chuffer

The penny drops

I think I mentioned, did I not, that my brother and his wife are expecting? Well, they are. They’re having a baby boy, and I couldn’t be more delighted for them. When Josh called to tell me Terri was pregnant I crowed, “I KNEW it, I KNEW IT!”

I was nothing but happy. Purely, plainly happy. Almost blithely joyous.

Recently I was poking about online for baby clothes for the J&T spawn, and I came across a wee jumper. It was the perfect shape, a rectangle sack with soft openings for one downy head and a total of four fat arms and legs. It was bright without being TOO bright, and it looked like it was that sort of soft that makes you want to pet your cheek with it.

And on the front was a fairly obnoxious cartoon of a golfer, with the words “GOLF PRO” written above it. Just in case you missed the, you know, golf clubs and stuff.

While cartoon-infested babywear is unnecessary at best, I was tempted by this outfit for a second. After all, I mused, Josh loves to golf.

That’s when it hit me.

This baby? Is NOT Josh. He’s…himself.

Josh is having a whole human baby. Or, to be more accurate, Terri is having the baby. But it’s THEIRS. Josh – my brother – is going to be a father. Just as surely as everything changed the day Tre was born, the earth is about to shift under Josh’s feet. They’re going to wade through all the wonder and frustration, magic and poop.

I put my head down, right next to the keyboard, and cried.

Josh says people like to tease him and Terri, to warn them that they have no idea what’s coming. This is both true and a stupid thing to say. Who among us knows what’s coming?

I wouldn’t warn them if I could. What an amazing journey they’re starting.

Someday soon, I pray, I’ll be able to visit them and hold their baby boy. I can’t wait to see them watch their son, and nod in agreement with their wonder.



When I had my first baby, I was incredibly hurt when none of my three siblings bothered to call me or visit me in the hospital or make any kind of a big deal about it. I mean, I was REALLY REALLY hurt by it. I know they were young and still self-absorbed and all, but DUDE! It's a big deal having a baby!

Now my older brother's wife is due in one month. I'm overjoyed. I can't wait for him to be a father. And I've totally forgiven him for never calling. I realize now that he just didn't know. You have no idea how big it is until you have a baby yourself. I can't wait to see him make that transformation.

The One True Josh

Wait, what?

Things are going to CHANGE?! Uh-oh...

We're very excited about the arrival of our very own poop-faucet. Had a (probably last) ultrasound today, and it's looking downright HUMAN! Got the birthing class tomorrow, so that should be traumatic. The excitement just keeps building!

Still no name, though. I've been pushing for Gideon (I've got a soft spot for the one guy in the bible who is allowed to say "Oh yeah? Prove it!" repeatedly to god...), but it's not getting a lot of traction. Hopefully we'll settle all that before the end of May, or we'll have to use numbers. He'll have to be 1729, of course.

There are a couple of words of wisdom from our parents that have been getting me through all this. I know, I know, the idea of those two lunatics being "wise" scares me too, so I'm thinking of it as a stopped-clock, twice-right sort of thing.
1) "I know this isn't a good time, but no time is EVER right, and if we waited for the right time, no one would ever have any kids."
2)"No one knows what they're getting into when they have kids, which is the only reason we do it. It's totally worth it though."

So far, that all seems pretty accurate. Freaky.


Dear OTJ, We met once several years ago at Kira's and it may even have been more than once so perhaps you remember me. Anyway, congratulations to you and your wife, you're in for the ride of your life and I say this as a mother of 3 girls ages 16 to 30 (I yearned to name the youngest Guinevere). It will also get freakier and freakier as Amma and Appa will get wiser and wiser without any effort at all. My middle daughter is expecting a son in June and I have suddenly become the source of all wisdom and not just for things maternal. Truly freaky. I wish you and your new family all joy. Kira, baby clothes (especially the tiny shoes, oh the shoes!) are dangerous they almost, almost make me want another.


"...those two lunatics..." Oh, Sha, you really know the way to a parent's heart!


"This is both true and a stupid thing to say."

I really like the way you put that Kira. It sounds like you're revving up into full Auntie mode. This boy coming is so lucky - he's going to have YOUR boys for cousins!

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