Allow me to reiterate: NOT pregnant
Nature/nurture nonsense

My work here is done.

Well, maybe not DONE, but still. Let it be known that my children not only read...


...they read to each other.

That's Max in the middle, reading to Raphael, on his left. Tre is on the right, trying very hard to look like he's not listening...


...and failing.

I'm so proud.



What great pictures. Moments to treasure for sure!


I want to smooch all three of those heads. I can even see them all wiping it off, in my mind's eye. ;)


That is the absolute best thing about my oldest learning to read. I love listening to him read to his little sister while I'm making supper. I love having him read to me before bed. I love hearing him read very quietly to himself during quiet time while his sister naps. Not only does it keep him occupied, but I can still remember how awesome it was to be able to read, and to show that off any chance I got.

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