Love Thursday

Oh no.

Oh no. Oh no. OhnoOhnoOhno.

What was I thinking?

You know what today is, right? Labor Day? And so then you know what tomorrow is, right?

Oh no.

Ooooohhhh nooooooo.

Tomorrow starts school, here at Kira’s Academy for Boys.


I have occasionally freaked out about this. Heh. Every Labor Day for…um…seven years now. Today, however, I’m certain it’s not just the annual freak out. Today I know I can’t do this.

We celebrated Labor Day by actually laboring around here. This morning I got up, walked ten miles with my Amy, came home, and spent most of the afternoon painting the basement. (To be absolutely fair, Clay did the difficult work in the basement, as he spent most of the morning down there, painting with the “help” of three little boys. As he says, Tre is actually help, Raphael does ok for a while, but Max gets bored quickly and sets his sights on chaos. Chaos is Max’s best medium. I arrived just in time for my mom to save the day and whisk the children away.) When painting was done (DONE! PAINTING IN THE BASEMENT IS DONE!), I went grocery shopping. Honestly, what is my THING about dragging my exhausted body to the grocery store? Anyhow, from there I went back to the house, where I stood in the kitchen, staring at the makings of dinner for some time, wondering how groceries become meals.

Now it’s evening, Clay is frantically building Max’s desk, and I am exhausted and brain-dead. Tomorrow I start the school year with three full-time students. Tre and Max have some catching up to do in history (STILL! IT’S RIDICULOUS!), not all of my books have arrived yet, and Raphael is going to kill me. He’s been SO EXCITED about starting school again that he’s been rummaging through the cupboards to find workbooks he can use. He apparently hasn’t gotten the memo that workbooks stifle a love of learning.

“HERE, Mom,” he announces seven trillion times a day, “we can do MATH now!” Or he drags out the phonics book and says, “OK! Let’s READ!” The other night I actually heard myself say to his outraged little person,

“No, Raphael, it’s time for bed. And if you stab yourself in the heart with the pencil you won’t be able to do math tomorrow either.”

Oooooohhhhhhhh *breathing into a bag* noooooooooooo.

But Look At the Time! I have a full night of waking up hourly in a cold sweat to get to, and let’s face it, those kids lives aren’t going to ruin themselves, so I’d best hop to it! Wish me well!



*passing you a paper bag and some chocolate* You'll be fine. ;)


LOL Hang in there, hon. We start our school year here today, too. I spent yesterday plotting, planning and otherwise making lists and schedules that will -- if history holds true -- fall apart within the first two weeks of the school year. Then we'll get back to our usual routine of academic chaos that seems to have served us well for the past six years. Hopefully it will carry us through year #7, too. ;)


I don't know what to say! *pat pat pat pat pat pat pat* It'll be okay!


So would this be a bad time to mention my two hour cycling jaunt through the reservoir this morning only to arrive home and realize that I still have four and a half hours to myself while other paid professionals educate my children? btw, totally relating on the basement front - I have one more room of edging to complete before CARPET!!! xoxo


Not that you'll read this today, because of being so busy all of a sudden and all...but if anyone can do it, you can. And in all my year of homeschooling, one thing I know for sure is that I don't know anything. Oh wait I was trying to be encouraging. But hey! At least you walked and shopped! So now you'll be tired and not hungry! And you didn't really need all those books today anyway did you? I mean, you have math. Any day that has math is really a full school day. Speaking of which, I must teach someone something about covering patterns with shapes. *snore...*
P.S. Can't wait to see the basement. Good job, guys.


The first couple of days of the homeschooling school year are always the worst, kind of like the first couple of weeks with a newborn. But you'll get through it and then it'll be reasonably smooth sailing. (Speaking as one who was homeschooled, not as one doing the homeschooling!)


we start next week... only because our stuff hasn't arrived. rainbow resource is cheap because they send your stuff pack mule, I have decided

shannon in oregon

how'd it go today? i'm sure wonderfully...

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