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Learning happens all the time...

"Raphael," I sighed, "don't threaten your brother."

"I am NOT threatening. I am TELLING."

"Look, I know you're mad, but you're not going to hit him." *protest squelched by mother look of steel* "And while we're at it, you should know something. FIST is a noun. The verb you're looking for is HIT. You want to HIT your brother, not...just trust me, 'fist' is not the right word there."


"Well...just trust me."



Oh... dear. This just made me flash back to when my son was little. It was right after Toy Story came out and he *really* wanted a Woody doll, and **REALLY** (and somewhat inexplicably) wanted a doll of the Andy's mother. We were in a crowded Disney store and he announced at the top of his (considerable) lungs "I want a Woody...and a WOMAN!"


Can't. Stop. Giggling.

Just yesterday, I had to impress on my son (About Raphael's age) that we do NOT pat little girls on the butt as a way of saying farewell.

Well...turns out she'd kissed him. He was just wiping off the kiss...on the first part available.


BAHahaha! Ahem. Sorry. Little boys can just be so darned FUNNY without even trying. :}


Bwah! It's my nephew (above) who wanted a Woody and a woman, and if my sister hadn't beat me to the punch (NOT the fist) I would have posted that story, myself.



Heather Cook

Oh haha... erm... um... trying not to laugh.


Okay, milk coming out of my nose would be funny but hot tea is not. I think you need to put warning labels on this blog.


LOL!!! too funny.


My son calls lemons "womens", so in every restaurant we go to, he says "Can I pwease have a women?" :) Kids are so funny!!


Wow! Kids are sooo funny! (Came via WCS) Love the stories.

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