You'd think by now I'd be better at not letting them know they're funny

Today's theme is: In his pants

Tonight, while Clay took Tre and Raphi to Tre’s baseball practice, I took Max to his first baseball game. He was the PICTURE of cute, in his royal blue hat and shirt and blinding white baseball pants. The thing that captured his imagination, though, was the cup.

Yes, THAT kind of cup. Apparently seven year olds are old enough to require protection of their squishy boy parts. As we drove along I quizzed Max on baseball fundamentals, while he poked at his cup.

“Ok, when the other team hits the ball, if you catch it, where do you throw it?”

He thumped on his cup.

“I dunno.”

“First, honey. Throw it to first.”

“Ok. Look!” He tapped out a rhythm on his crotch.

“Very nice. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the ball when you’re at bat, alright?”

“M-kay.” Thump, thump.

“And don’t do that during the game, ok?”

“Right. But you know what?”


“I don’t think this could stop a falling tree.”

“You’re probably right. So avoid those, ok?”

“Ok.” Thump, thump.

That's my boy.


Raphael likes to build things out of construction paper and yards of scotch tape. Tonight, as we lingered over dinner (translation: slumped over our empty plates, the will to live draining away, looooooonging for the day when Raphael eats a meal at a normal pace), Tre got up from the table to get ready for baseball practice. As he made his way to his room, he discovered Raphi’s latest creation. It’s a bear house.

May060022_3  May060023_1

“Hey, this is cool! Did you make it, Raphi?”

“Yes I did. It has DOORS.”


Raphi turned to Clay.

“Did YOU see my bear house?”

“Yes. It’s great.”

“I made it MYSELF.”

“You’re very smart. Now take the fork out of your pocket.”

That's my boy.



These tidbits just get funnier the more I think about them.


Where's the bear? Did he go hid in Max's cup??


That is too funny. I like that it has doors. I also like the fact that he pointed them out. And, and, and that Tre approached Raphi about the house and was such an amazing big brother by telling him something he made was cool...I could seriously go on, but since I'm at work and shouldn't be putzing around online...50 more minutes!

Heather Cook

Bwah-hahahaha.... I think I pulled something in my side laughing so hard at that story... thump thump...

I can SO see my son doing that...

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