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Losses and gains

This morning when Raphael (finally, reluctantly, with glacial speed) got dressed, he put on these shorts.


I love these shorts. They were Max’s beloved bug shorts. They expressed Max’s very soul, vibrant and startling and crawling with gorgeous bugs. Yes, I just said my son’s soul is crawling with bugs. I meant it in the best possible way.

Unfortunately, the bug shorts did not grow with Max. Eventually he could no longer get them on, and they were passed down to Raphael. Now, Raphi doesn’t adore the shorts like Max did. But it made Max happy to pass them along to his brother, and this way we could all still see them and enjoy them.

This afternoon the boys and I went to McDonalds. I was sitting at the table, chatting with friends, when Raphael slunk up to me, one hand clutching his behind. Enthusiastic play had done this to the well-worn shorts.


And although it is sad indeed, and although we will miss the shorts (I can’t keep them, can I? CAN I?), I comfort myself with this knowledge:

Perhaps THIS is just the event to teach Raphael once and for all why it is important to wear underwear.



That's great!

I got hlafway to uni the otehr day and realised I'd forgotten to put a bra on. Sometimes you can't help but forget!

Mary Jo

Oh man! HAHA



(BTW? Love those. When Monkey outgrew the Favorite Frog Shorts I contemplated a third child just so that we could keep the shorts going.)

Mit Moi

If you're really "crafty" or coordinated with scissors and thread, you could start a quilt of favorite clothing pieces. However you run the risk of this being an uncompleted project that will haunt you for the next 10 years too. Not that I would know anything about that *ahem* *looks sheepishly in the closet at the needle-point pillow begun for Mom in 1981* **blushes furiously**

Salome Ellen

Quilt block PILLOW! Takes 6 to 8 pieces, (4 if you cut 'em large), and can be done in an afternoon once the pieces are accumulated,


We too have a fave pair of shorts...They were Bug's and it broke her heart when they no longr fit....Our solution? We stuffed them and made them into shorts....they are purple checkered, and go with the decor of her room....

With Munch, his fave item was a University of Michigan Wolverine t-shirt. He wore it when he was 2. Now, his giant keepsake bear Winchester wears it.

Dick Butkis

I, too, say don't get rid of the shorts. But, unlike these other crafty people, I have saved the favorite clothing items in a box in my closet. Every once in a while, I get them out and look at them, give them a little hug and wonder if I'll ever give them up. One of them is Wyatt's lizard shirt he wore when he was 2. It reminds me much of the precious bug shorts. I actually think like Mir in the sense that we should keep having kids just to keep certain items of clothes going.


Hee! I say keep 'em, too. I like the quilt block pillow idea.


In some cases, underwear is quite necessary. I hope that was a lesson learned.

Thanks so much for the Friday morning laugh.


Certainly an important lesson - hahahahaha!

Heather Cook

You TOTALLY need to make a pillow or something out of them... and then PROMINENTLY DISPLAY IT when their first girlfriends come over...


Could you use an iron-on patch on the inside of the shorts to repair the slice? I did that once with a jacket that had a clean tear on a pocket. There was a light seam where the fabric met but it wasn't that noticeable, and it ended up being a more durable repair than I had anticipated.


No, Dick Butkis is wrong. I say don't keep the shorts. Big surprise, huh, coming from the lady who didn't even order class pictures in kindergarten and got a ton of grief from all y'all. Oh wait, who got a yeabook this year? Hmmmmm? I know! Next year you can volunteer to do the yearbook and take lots of pictures of Butkis and Wyatt's clothes. Problem solved for everyone. And you know how Raphi wears a lot of my boy's old clothes? Maybe I could pass on the underwear too? Would that help? Seriously, though. I guess this puts a new perspective on our small problem of not changing the underwear every day.

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