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B4B - all the cool kids are doin' it!

Hey, HAVE YOU HEARD? Blogging for Books is LIVE! If you happen to live under a rock, where blogging news rarely reaches you, this is a very cool blog contest, wherein you - yes, YOU* - can win an actual BOOK for your blog entry. This month the subject is cheating.

Now, you know how when you read the word "cheating" and that story just popped into your head? WRITE ABOUT IT! Enter, and you could win (and also drive heaps of traffic to your blog, and yes we know you're not in it for the stats - *snort* - but some of us SHALLOW types rilly rilly like traffic).

So go check out the official rules, as explained by Joshilyn Jackson, a blogging genius in her own right, and current host of B4B.

*EVERYONE can enter, even if you don't have a blog. There goes your last excuse.


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