The Wedding Entry (long)
Internet is LIVE! and so am I!

It's in CAPS because it's so BIG


Well. I have been without Internet access for a MONTH now. No, REALLY. As a friend of mine commented (three weeks ago) when I told her about the lack of WWWing in our house,

“Um, what? Isn’t that kind of like saying, ‘I’m currently without blood flow to the brain’? That’s not the sort of thing that can go ON. DEAL WITH THAT.”

Well, yes. And tomorrow the pretty, pretty cable people come to our house and hook us up to the world again. I am agog at the idea of regaining contact with all of you out there. OH, blogs and comments and email, OH MY!

Heh. If they can get through all the SNOW, which is RELENTLESS out there. They’re predicting 10 inches or MORE. Of course. Because it is, after all, the first day of spring, the eve of the return of the internet, and oh yeah, my birthday. Today I am THIRTY FIVE YEARS OLD, and yes that was me shouting, wanna make something of it?

You know, I’ve never hit a birthday that bothered me…

Until today.

Thirty five…I don’t know. It stings a little, you know? It started six months ago, on Dad’s birthday. I was puttering around in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on his birthday cake (which was a dark chocolate torte that was LOVELY and would make you wish you were my father, OH MY, it was so good, yes I am modest thank you). Now, Dad’s birthday is September 20th, exactly six months from mine. Ever since I was a wee bitty girl I’ve felt very cool and connected to my daddy by the fact that his birthday was on my half birthday. Careful readers will note that I’ve been able to make any occasion be ALL ABOUT ME since I was a wee bitty girl. Anyhow.

On this September 20th in particular, I was buzzing about with dark chocolate, toasted almond, and whipping cream (so good, I’m telling you), when it hit me. I stopped dead still in the middle of the kitchen and gasped,

“I’m going to be THIRTY FIVE in six months. THIRTY FIVE. OH MY LORD.”

It just seems…um…unexpectedly old. I don’t know how it could really be unexpected, I mean, I should have noticed the trend a long time ago, and deduced where it was leading. You know, age 22 followed a year later by age 23, and so on. But there you have it. I am THIRTY FIVE.

Last night I whined to Clay a little about getting ooooolld and asked a few baldly leading and annoying questions like, “Will you still LOVE ME when I’m THIRTY FIVE?” – as though there were ANY answer to that except the right one.

Clay took me in his arms and kissed me thoroughly, and whispered, “You may be turning THIRTY FIVE, but remember, no matter how old you get…I’ll always be older than you.”

He says the sweetest things, doesn’t he?

So there you go! Wish me a happy birthday, tell me something to make THIRTY FIVE seem young and vibrant and sexy, and join with me in the fervent hope that tomorrow I will be returning to regular blogging.

Happy Spring!




Um, does telling you that I'm FORTY-SEVEN make you feel any better???

Happy Birthday! And happy First Day of Spring (42* in Connecticut).



Happy Birthday.

Thirty Five is not old. It's only 7 years older than m.......never mind. That's not nice and fun and make-y you feel better-ish.

I hear Thirty-five is the new 29 and 29 is the new 18, so by some mathmatical formula wherein a=b=c so a=c, 35 could be said to be the new 18. So, HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY! YEAH! You can vote! But not drink! hrrm. That wasn't good either, was it? I'm so LAME at this.

I Can't wait until tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled blogging. I thought you were just too busy being horizontally gratified to share you life with us... which may still prove to be true, since not having cable will no longer be a viable excuse. We'll just have to wait and see.

(and also - I don't wanna tell yet. BEcause my MOM is the one who said nothing except 'go take a class' therefore implying that she thinks I suck - and so. that is all.)


I'm having the same reaction to turning thirty. God, I can barely even SAY it. Thirty. Bleh.

But we are crazy, because we are, in fact, both young AND healthy and what more can we ask for really?

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday and happy first day of spring although it sounds not too spring-ish where you are. Red toenail weather here...miss you!


How about this....YOU are a NEWLYWED. The word newlywed alone just exudes youth.


I have been wondering how you're doing. :) Corey DID end up going through Denver, but I didn't realize it until too late to let you know.


Happy Birthday!

How about this: My mom, whom I don't consider old at all, gave birth to her third child when she was thirty-five (nearly thirty-six)... and then had three more kids after that!

You are young!


Happy birthday! Thirty-five trips around the sun - nicely done! And welcome back to the world of dots and nets and coms and orgs - "civilized" life, eh? Or maybe not so much.

You must've sent the birthday panic my way, because today for the first time I realized my dad's gonna be sixty in two years. Which means I'm going to be thirty in two years. I swear he just turned forty . . . It was a total "When Harry Met Sally" moment - "I'm gonna be forty . . . someday!"


Happy Birthday. We sooo missed you.


I'm officially voting for the dark chocolate almond torte for my birthday cake, don't forget now will you? Because I'll be turning 35 this year and will need some serious makes me really nervous to think about it, like I need to have some s*^$ together first, which I don't, and I am counting on you to lead the way, nay, blaze a trail into 35-dom, in which we are all really cool driving our old decrepit (but paid for!) cars filled with booster seats and caked on goldfish gumminess, and just generally be that shining example for me to follow...scared, I tell ya, scared! And if a certain someone observes this birthday the way he observed last year's, he should be scared too.

See? It's so not all about you. Only it is, in that you are offically my example now. Can you take the pressure?

P.S. Love your dad, don't want to be him, he has a few follicle issues I don't want. So just make me the cake. Love you!


Happy Birthday!

I just turned 44 last week, so 35 sounds positively dewy and newbornish to me!

Heather Cook

Happy Birthday to you
Birthday to you
You're one hot maaaamaaa
And you blog like one tooooooo


You are, as someone earlier mentioned, not only a newlywed, but soon to be a snowed in newlywed. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*. That ought to make you feel young!

I hope that your cable-folk aren't daunted by the weather, and that you rejoin us here in internet land soon! Here where I am, we already have nearly 2 feet of snow, so no one's going anywhere!

Salome Ellen

"He will still need you, he will still feed you, when you're sixty-four"...and seventy- four.. and so on. And, oh, yeah, I'm Arwen's mom, and I'm glad she doesn't think I'm old (I just turned 55!) I started getting stuff from the AARP when I still had kids in elementary school. Nuts to them! And happy birthday, youngster!!!


Happy Birthday!!!

Mary Jo

Happy Birthday!!

Your 35, and thats okay. Because I say so.

About the no internet thing... how did you survive?!

Linda Sherwood

Happy Birthday Kira! I hope you had a great one. As someone turning 35 later this year, I totally relate. While in NYC, hubby and I took a survey and at the end the girl asked our ages. I gave them, and her reaction was "I never would have guessed that. You both look so young." Of course, the girl was LYING. However, hubby and I decided to believe her, and to believe that she was being sincere and trying to give a compliment. As hubby says, getting older sure as h*ll beats the alternative. He, btw, turns 35 on the 29th.


Happy Birthday, Kira! So glad to see you back :-) I've missed you and can't wait to hear all about your new house, your new hubster, etc. Oh, and you're 35? Just a wee babe. Sigh. I'll greet the big 4-0 in just 20 days.


Happy Birthday Kira!!
I am so glad that you are back. I missed reading you. You who are so young and vibrant and full of youthful energy..all good things, especially in a newlywed!....... (how was that?)
Seriously, 35 was not a bad year for me..Now, 40 is freaking me out...(must go find chocolate)


No internets for a month? Oh, cruel world! 35 is not old. Just take a look at that picture of you in your beautiful dress sitting on Clay's lap. If that's the picture of someone who is OLD, then the word has lost all meaning anyway, so who cares?



I'm 46, 11 years OLDER...does that make you feel better? *L*

Hitting 30 was my hard birthday. Wasn't ready, ended up in the hospital with a kidney stone (although felt like I was going to die from the pain), but after that, it's a piece of cake... oooh and I'd love to have some of the dark chocolate torte...Thank you for asking. *L*


I didn't mind turning 35. I did take it as my "five minute warning" (er, five year warning?) that 40 was going to be coming down the road. And that is what I will be this year...40. And I'm happy with that. I feel like it is the gateway to the second half of my life...and there is so much yet to do! I'm looking forward to it immensely. :) Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Dearie. I can't believe I forgot that your birthday was the first day of spring. I hope you had a happy day and wish you many happy returns. I just realized that I'm not 10 years older than you, I'm 11 years older. I think I need the choclolate almond tarte more than any other.

Mit Moi

Happy B'day Kira –

Here, where it's none to warm on the first day of spring ...(49 degrees) the dogwoods and redbuds are beginning to bloom - so I am sending you southern spring-filed images for your b'day.

So far, this "getting older" thing hasn't started to bother me (42 next mo, but *sssh* 'cause no-one ever guesses that old). I think I don’t dread the age thing because I am always relieved to know I made it through one year, and don't have to repeat the year again. Plus? There were some really crappy years in there - and if being younger means living through that again, Thank you No! Been there done that, hopefully learned my lessons.

Enjoy your new hubby, your new family, home, etc. and be glad for the years that brought you to this place.



Regular posting and a birthday? Wahoooooo! Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! As for making you feel better, you're a NEWLYWED. Who cares about your age? :)


There had better be a new post when I get up tomorrow morning, Missy. That's all I'm sayin'. ;)

(Except also this: SMOOOOOOCH!)


Happy Birthday, Whippersnapper! I'm a hot, kinda punk rock 41. Well, not at all punk rock or hot, but I COULD be, if I had the energy to try. Oh wait, this isn't really helping, is it?


Happy belated birthday Mrs. Clay. And Congratulations since I haven't said that yet either! 35 is still a baby, my dear! I'm 41! And feeling young and no older than 31... Glad you are getting over it. ;) You're only as old as you feel. wheeeeeeee!


Happy Birthday, Kira and to me, also!! You are a Spring Chicken - I turned 45 on the 20th!! UGH!!

They say you are only as old as you feel and today I feel........

You are a newlywed - young, young, YOUNG!!



My 35th was the best birthday -- followed by the best year -- of my life (so far). It was a year of tremendous changes and personal growth. Sounds like you're halfway there! Enjoy every minute -- it only gets better from here.


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