Drawing Near
Wedding Day

HI! So, is it NORMAL that everything seems to have taken on a GREAT RATE OF SPEED?

Ok, so you need to know that it has been REALLY WARM here all winter. Christmas day was SIXTY-FIVE DEGREES, fer crying out loud. Week upon week have slid by, balmy and sunny and lovely and fine.

Until…this week.

This morning Raphael woke me up by thundering into my bedroom and bellowing at me,


Josh, my brother, was scheduled to arrive today with his girlfriend Teri. I peered past Raphael, out the window. The ground was white with snow and more was falling. Josh lives in


, and whenever he comes to visit he whines and shivers and complains THE WHOLE TIME about how cold it is.

Josh usually comes to visit in July.

“No, Josh isn’t here yet, Raphi. He’ll be here later today.”

Five minutes later the same scene replayed,


Raphael was a bit excited to see his uncle.

Finally about


this morning, I called Josh to see when he was arriving.

“Hey there, Sha,” I said breezily, “I just wanted to see when we could expect you. My options were A) to call you or B) to leave Raphael by the side of the road in the snow. So.”

“Yeah. Our plane gets in about four. Hey, I was just looking at the weather reports, and it seems you live in hell.”

“Ha! Ha ha ha! No, no. Hell is much warmer.”

“Right. What I love is the part where they predict the day of your wedding to have a high of 33 and ‘less snow.’ THAT sounds GREAT.”

It actually DOES sound great right about now, because now? NOW they’re predicting a high of FIFTEEN DEGREES on Saturday.


And plus! My van’s four wheel drive has stopped working! HAHAHAHA! And the repair shop feels that the solution to the problem is to take it into the dealership and proceed to bleeeeeed money, which HAHAHAHAHAHA isn’t something anyone’s been doing around here already, what with the Wedding and the House and the Fixing the House!

But that’s ok, because without the four wheel drive the van is sort of like a great big bobsled in snowy conditions. An unpredictable bobsled!


*wipes eyes*

Ohhh, funny funny stuff.

No, I’m not stressed? Why?



Well, according to weather underground, it'll be 25 here in Denver (I live here too) on Saturday. So that's a little better than 15, right? And only a 10% chance of snow!

Mary Jo

Oh goodness... HAHA.

I will be praying for you!


May I suggest a lovely string or two of sleighbells for your bobsled? ;)

Thinking of you, darlin.


Hey, Kira, could you maybe keep your local weather on a little shorter leash, please? Yesterday, it was 80 here (in Austin). Saturday it's only supposed to be in the 40s. Sheesh.

Still, I'm glad there'll be warm hearts all around you and yours! Best wishes to you all!!


so 35 here means 15 there? oh, how fun.

you sound about like I kind of expected you to sound. enjoy!

Hula Doula

I can't wait to show up on Saturday in my sleigh!


I think goosebumps and snow on your wedding day are supposed to be good luck, right?! Have a great time!


Ohhhh. Kira's getting married tomorrow! Kira's getting married tomorrow! TOMORROW.

We're all with you there in spirit dear, snow or no snow. I don't suppose you could podcast the Event?


Heather Cook

TOMORROW! WOOHOO! There'd better be pictures!!


Just wanted to wish you the best.
Have a Wonderful Wedding!

Mit Moi

Kira -

Best of wedding wishes to you! Warmest wishes to Josh. Phoenician's are convinced "cold" weather happens between 2 & 3 am in early January when the thermometer drops to 36 degrees! Bundle Josh up warmly - or you'll never get him out of the house :)

-ex Phoenician now living in a sub-zero freezer


Wow, can't believe your big day is almost here. I'm SO happy for you! I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and I can't wait to here all about it.


Ok, so I can't spell. Gah.

Carolyn R.

Congratulations Kira and Clay from a long-time lurker. From all us lurkers. We are wishing you FIVE the very best now and forever. Have a great day - a did we all say WE WANT DETAILS!!!! Later, of course.

Have a wonderful wedding. Have a wonderful life.


Delurking to wish you the best on your Wedding day. You deserve it! Keep us informed.


I think the weather may have been a function of "It will be a cold day in *%!# before I ever get married again!" Or perhaps it actually DID freeze over.

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