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Thoughts about Friends (with a plea at the end)

Yesterday my sons had some friends come over to play. Luke and his little brother Jonah are from


, and are simply too adorable for words. They’ve taught my sons to refer to farts as “fluff”, and they go around calling their jackets “jumpers.” I want to pinch their cheeks and adopt them and feed them soup.

To sum up: cute.

But what’s even more adorable is the sound of my sons, rampaging with their little foreign correspondent buddies, taking on their accents.

“Jo-u-nahhh,” Max called to the younger boy, “whe-ah ah yoo?”

I had to eat them all, they were so cute.

It made me think, though, about the nature of friendship. I have a book here somewhere with a forward in it written by Stephen King. Would you believe it’s in the ONE BOX I’ve packed, and would you FURTHER believe it’s the SECOND book I’ve wanted out of that one little box?
Anyhow, to paraphrase, Mr. King said when he reads certain writers, he takes on a touch of their style, the way milk sitting in the fridge will absorb the odors near it.

And so we are with the people we admire. My sons, after an afternoon with friends from


, were starting to bend their words in a slightly different direction (not so slight for Max, but he’s given to adopting accents. It’s not my job to understand, you know). I’ve noticed them taking on other attributes too, when friends are around. They’re completely wild when the girls from across the street are here. When Wyatt has been here, they’re more apt than usual to be flinging a ball around.

This is why I’m all grins when some of their friends are over, and have a sternly set jaw when others are here.

It’s also why I’m so grateful for my own friends.

This weekend three of my dearest friends threw me the best bridal shower ever. They invited my nearest and dearest, and knowing my unnatural love for books, they devised a theme around BOOKS. Everyone brought a book to represent themselves (e.g.


’s Black Box for Susan, my smarty-pants scientist friend). After I’d opened the books and guessed who they were from, they decorated a bookshelf for me. They decoupaged poems and pictures and (in the case of my smarty-pants scientist friend) lewd comments all over the bookshelf. Every time I look at it I will remember the women who love me so well I can’t help but be a better person, and be grateful.

And speaking of women who inspire, I’d like to ask you all to take a look at what Mir’s doing. I’m so proud of her I can barely express it. Go, read, and support. Mir is one of my people who help me be more, and this is a fine thing she’s doing.



What a wonderful idea - and what wonderful friends to put it together for you Kira! You deserve it!

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