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Something to ponder on a snowy night

Oh, I had a lovely day, and I need to tell you about it. However, there is a soft snow falling outside and I am sleepy and content with the knowledge that I am home and warm in my bed. Tomorrow stretches out in front of me, a luxurious Tuesday that I will spend entirely at home. I will pick up endless piles of wet snow gear and give my sons mug after mug of hot chocolate. For tonight I cannot summon the energy to tell you the whole of today, so instead I leave you with the following exchange between Tre and Max.

Tre: I think I want to start wearing boxer shorts, instead of that other kind of underwear.

Max: (who owns a pair of boxer shorts, nodding sagely) Ok, but if you do, DON’T give yourself a wedgie. Trust me.

Tre: Why?
Max: It hurts!

Tre: Oh. Ok.

I don’t know what’s more puzzling: that Tre had to ask WHY he shouldn’t give himself a wedgie, or that Max already knew (from experience, apparently) the answer.





I'm not overly fond of snow, but you make it sound enticing. I like it if we don't have to go out in the car. The people around here (SE Pennsylvania) aren't particularly good drivers in the snow


nice, cozy place you got here :)..

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