The summer wanes like a besieged freako bee
Is it Labor Day ALREADY?

talking over plans

We were at the park, and Raphael needed to go to the bathroom. I took his hand and began the trek across the parking lot to the trio of port-a-potties. As we walked we chatted.

“Those boys are throwing rocks at the bees,” he told me soberly.

“Really? Probably not a good idea.”

“I don’t want them to throw rocks at ME.”

“Are they?”


I squeezed his soft, damp hand and enjoyed its tiny weight in mine.

“Well, that’s good,” I told him.

“If they DID, I could just RUN AWAY.”

“That’s a good plan.”

“Or I could just go back and thorth and then they would MISS ME.”

“Sure, you could try to dodge the rocks too.”

“Or I could say ‘JUST GO AWAY NOW BOYS.’”

“Right, or you could ask them to stop.”


We walked in silence for a moment, then he looked up at me and nodded like a wee little attorney.

“I have lots of good plans.”

I smiled back at him, and imagined his ACTUAL response, had boys been in fact throwing rocks at him. That scenario would probably have included ear piercing screams, a windmill of outraged punches, and the rapid-fire volley of return rocks. But then again, as he rehearses other approaches in these conversations, perhaps he’s getting closer to reacting that way. I have seen him rear back to hit one of his brothers, and then stay his hand with a super-human force of will. He is a fierce little soul, but he is learning.

“Yes, baby, you have LOTS of good plans.”



Awwwww. Have I told you how much I love the Raphael talks? Cause I really, REALLY do. He is precious.


Isn't it wonderful to watch them struggle so hard to live up to what they have been taught and then to see them finally starting to succeed? Congrats to Raphael for taking that first step!

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