Just like his mom
Dear Max,

If you say the word "yo-yo" enough times, it loses all meaning

Tre’s current obsession is yo-yos. In general, Tre doesn’t have “interests.” Things in Tre’s life tend to fall into one of two categories: The Most Important Thing There Is So Let Me Tell You All About It or Everything Else.

So the current Most Important Thing is yo-yos. In true Tre fashion, he has researched yo-yos on line, bought two of them, disassembled and reassembled them, and played with them all day. So much yo-yoing went on around here that when I close my eyes, I see green plastic orbs spin past my noses.

Now, Raphael and Max didn’t want to be left out of the yo-yo-fest, so Mom took them to Target to get their own. In a stroke of genius, she bought them yo-yo BALLS instead of actual yo-yos. This is a fabulous choice, as real yo-yos are still just a bit beyond Max’s coordination. As far as Raphael goes, you may as well present him with a nuclear lab, the concept is so far beyond his grasp. But the yo-yo balls are different. They feature a retractable string. So when one of them sends the ball spinning toward the floor, it only goes so far before the string sucks the ball back up into their hand. Voila! Instant yo-yo success. Max immediately devised a move that Clay dubbed, “Around the world and into his forehead.” It’s not as painful as it sounds.

While his little brothers played around with their ersatz yo-yos, Tre was in earnest pursuit of true achievement. He can already “walk the dog” and go “around the world” – three or four times. When I was a kid, I remember trying those tricks for a solid twenty seconds or so before I became completely frustrated and bored and threw the yo-yo across the room. So I’m amazed with his focus and his growing prowess. He also understands the mechanics of the thing better than I could have imagined at his age. He likes to discuss the merits of “friction stickers” – which I have taken to calling “stricktion fickers” just to make him laugh.

I’m not sure, exactly, what yo-yo skills will get him in life. It’s not the sort of thing you put on a college application, although he DID inform me tonight that he wants to go pro. Is there such a thing as yo-yo pro?

Anyhow, I don’t know what this will get him, concretely. I hear it’s good for hand-eye coordination, and I suppose it’s always a good thing for a child to have an interest to follow. I (speaking humbly as his mother) believe he COULD be a yo-yo pro, and that he would totally smoke everyone else on the yo-yo circuit.

However, my ultimate hope for the yo-yo craze is a simple one.

I hope he doesn’t break any windows or give anyone a concussion. That’s all I need to feel that he is a complete yo-yo success.


Mary Jo

My dad was big into yo-yo's, he even named his dog Yo-Yo.

Bob McBob

I don't know many that have made a living out of the yo-yo, but Tom Smothers of the completely fabulous Smothers Brothers was a world renoun yo-yo enthusiust. He often performed feats of daring yo-yo do on stage and during TV appearances. He goes by the name Yo-Yo Man, of course.

Here's a link to the Yo-Yo Man page on the Smother's Brothers site:


You know I HAD to go Google "yoyo professional" after reading this post, right? There's a surprising amount of stuff out there. Although I have to admit I would have considered even one site a surprising amount. :) Yes, dear, there ARE professional yoyoers.


LOL! I'm with you. I always got mad at mine and threw them.


Seeing the Smothers Brothers on TV inspired me as a child to actually learn how to do "Around the World" and "Walk the Dog". I tried other things, but those were the only two tricks I could get to work. I always blamed my equipment: the string was too loose, the yo-yo was cheap and came apart, etc.

Hey, if nothing else, the ability to do cool yo-yo tricks should get him some positive attention at parties, right?


Well geez, there are professional rock-paper-scissor players so why not yo-yo pros? Although it does mean he will be living at home far into his 30s with that career.

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