Answers to unspoken requests
This is why I sometimes run out of words by the end of the day and am reduced to giving orders that consist of nouns only: "Jammies. Teeth. (pause) BEATINGS!"

The perils of communication

At the rec center near us, they have a system of sorts for when something’s out of order. If, say, a shower is not working, they post a sign. “Out of order” it says, “Parts were ordered” and then there’s a space to put the date when the parts were ordered, “Repairs will be complete” and another space for the date when things will be peachy keen again.

The subtext of the sign as it’s intended to be used goes something like this, “Hey, we’re sorry about the inconvenience, but we’re working hard on fixing it! See how soon things will be right? Have a nice day!”

However, they never never put the dates on the sign, so instead it reads, “Out of order. Parts were ordered. Repairs will be complete.”

Subtext: “Shut up and stop whining.”

Now, I’ve talked to the people behind the desk. I actually took them the handle from an elliptical trainer that fell of when I accidentally wrenched it free with my super-human strength. Ok, what really happened was that it popped off in the midst of my already shaky stride, causing me to stumble, be nearly vaulted across the room by the momentum of the machine, and scramble to my feet, smiling apologetically because HEAVEN KNOWS it’s wrong to look stupid at the gym. Anyhow.

I took the broken handle to the desk, and I have to say the FEELING behind the sign as it’s actually used? Yeah, that’s probably more accurate anyhow.



Wow. Thats no good at all. At least your being less than graceful at the gym was as a result of broken machines, rather than clumsiness. :)


Glad you are okay. I used to be a program director for a gym and would get my butt chewed by our Director if the gym wasn't taken care of. It amazes me to see some gyms these days that just don't care.


Glad you weren't hurt. I'm an elliptical machine nut and can just imagine breaking an arm and a leg if the handle came off in mid-workout. Sounds like the gym employees are in serious need of an attitude check.

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