Shouldn't I get a crown or something?


Today was the last day of school for the boys’ homeschool enrichment program. They were finishing up the year with a field day, a half day of games and fun. This morning the mood in the house was electric, as we all tore around, trying to get all the usual school morning work accomplished, plus the field day prep – sunscreen, water bottles, etc. Tre was excited, thundering around the house in anticipation of a great day.

Max, on the other hand, was not excited.

Max was mad.

He stomped from room to room, yelled at his brothers, and glared at anyone who dared try to engage him in conversation. Finally I took him aside for a quiet word.

“Max, what’s wrong?” He glared.


“Honey. Are you sad that it’s the last day of school?” He stomped his foot.

“No, I’m MAD AT THAT.” And he turned on his heel to stalk away.

“Max, can I give you a hug?”


And he was off.

I watched him go, one solidly pissed off little boy. I had to smile. Once upon a time an ache like losing a teacher he loves would have sent him straight into my arms. He would have tucked his face in the crook of my neck, run his fingers through my hair again and again, and wept. Today he just wanted me to leave him ALONE so he could be


That’s my boy.

I think he's ready for first grade.



does he do the "i'm mad" Walk too? my brother had that one down to a precise science. to this day, the three of us just crack up whenever we see one of our own do it! blessings on max and the rest of you!

Heather McCutcheon

Aww... the I Just Wanna Be Mad For A While thing... that makes me smile. Hey, we want boys to express their emotions, right?

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