Conversations with Raphi
In which Max nearly dies. Twice.

Teach your children well

Max had just been released from kiddie prison time out, and we were discussing the nature of his wrongs.

“Max, it’s just not ok to push people. Especially on the stairs.”

“But! I tried to push him really softly!”

“Honey. It’s not ok to push people, even softly, especially on the stairs. It’s dangerous. You could have asked Tre to move out of your way.”

“He wasn’t in my way!” Max was very indignant.

“Well then why did you push him?”

He heaved a sigh of defeat.

“Ok, he WAS in my way.”

“Go tell him you’re sorry.”

“Fine.” As he turned to walk away, he muttered, “but he was PRACTICALLY at the bottom of the stairs anyhow.”

“MAXWELL MARTIN. It is not ok to a) push people, b) especially when they’re on the stairs, c) even softly, d) whether they are in your way or not, and e) EVEN IF THEY ARE PRACTICALLY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS. Are we CLEAR ON THIS?”

He nodded at me, then shrugged.

“You always have so many THINGS TO SAY, Mama.”

Add this conversation to the following facts: It is snowing. Right now. And Tre is in the kitchen, making something called Muck.

Please send chocolate.



Hahaha, kids, gotta love em. If only we could go through life with reasoning like that....wait, some do! Ack.
Please send muck :)


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory STAT!!!!

I can have it there in abiout an hour!


*snort* Oh. My. Goodness.

Kira, you have have so much to say. I just can't keep up. So, it's not okay if I push my husband? What if he is NOT on the stairs and IS in my way? Is it ok then? What if I push him into bed? That would make him very happy, but is it still bad b/c I'd have to PUSH him?


*ROFL* Oh, man, you are SO in hot water when your mother uses your whole, entire name. That's got to be some sort of universal law of humanity. " many things to say, Mama." That is just priceless!

Amma D

Heather's comment sounds just like something Kira would have said back when I was the one giving her instructions and SHE was the one justifying/looking for loopholes!


Oh Amma, I don't believe Kira EVER talked back or looked for loopholes. Really, now.


Hell hath no fury like one's own children reflecting back upon oneself....

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