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On a lighter note...

I looked at Raphi just in time to see him pull an ENORMOUS booger out of his nose. He inspected it then started to move it towards his mouth. In a desperate spur of the moment move, I snatched it off his finger and started rooting around for a tissue.

“HEY!” he hollered, “GIVE THAT BACK!”



“Honey, that’s gross. Sorry, but you can’t have it back.”

He sighed, resigned to my evil ways.

“Ok. Yoo can eat it.”



We're starting to get into that with the preschooler. Every so often I'll spot the finger beginning to drift toward the nose and have to grab her and hand her a tissue. She thinks Mommy is so weird for that.


Why do you have so many booger boys? I seem to remember a certain story about a booger miner....


Yeah, the one with Tre and the firetruck? Ooooh that is funny. Or, well, it's all just gross. Love you K.




I'm allowed to laugh...I'm allowed to laugh! So past all that. Only nose picking here. No more eating ;)


Hey Kira,
I ran across your site by accident.
I can only say that I've always loved to read books and that is all I have on the literary world. In general, I don't read blogs as I find them rather disjointed ramblings of a person's subconscious...

Anyhow, I just wanted to say you write amazingly well. It's moving, it's touching, it's sad, it's funny, and it's hopeful. It's about life... and that's what people love to read about. I honestly think (and I'm not a publisher), that you should seriously consider writing a book.

I would even suggest you take some of your most moving blogs from here, compile it, and send it off to various publishers.

Just a suggestion. Pray about it... and see if this may be something that perhaps God has in mind for you.

Good luck.


Bwahahahaha!Oh, my! Out of the mouths of babes. Literally! *chuckle, snort, wheeze*


So funny. :-)

moxie baby

When I was kid, I always thought that it was easier to eat boogers that to remove them from your fingers. That was my rationalization anyway. Carla at

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