Saving grace
Outward and visible signs

Hey, you know what? *said in the tone of a good friend who is rambling because she's having that sort of day and will now inflict it upon you*

Ok, so everyone remember the BoBs? Hmmm? Yeah. Um…I didn’t win. OK? ‘Nuff said.

Except let me add this: The people who put this contest together are truly kind and hard working people. And although I got SPANKED, my daily hits are way up, and really, *big sincere eyes* aren’t the STATS what it’s all about? Really? So thanks, guys. Y’all rock.

Why does my cat sit outside my bathroom door and meow plaintively the entire time I’m in the shower, punctuating my steamy little oasis with her sad demands to be let in? And then when I am out of the shower and relent and let her in, why does she sniff the toilet, rub up against my leg, bestowing a smear of cat hair upon my freshly lotioned skin, and then leave? What’s wrong with her?

What’s with the constant stream of people Googling “honeycomb cereal jingle”? Not a day goes by, it seems, without someone wandering my way, looking for the elusive jingle. And I’m suddenly the web authority on the subject? PLEASE, we need someone to STEP FORWARD to answer the DEEP YEARNING people seem to have for knowledge on the subject. I mean, we don’t even eat the stuff anymore.

Raphi took a while to go to sleep tonight. He got up a hundred times to shout down the stairs, “BUT WHAT IF I DREAM ABOUT THE MONSTERS?” and to go to the bathroom and to ask me if I was going to go to bed yet. I was busy smooching on putting together a puzzle with Clay, and COULD NOT understand why Raphi was being so very sleep resistant. When I checked on him later I found him with his head at the end of the bed, with a Rescue Hero helicopter, the attendant Rescue Hero, a fire truck, three dinosaur books, a book light (still turned on),  a stuffed Arthur doll, the talking box from inside the Arthur doll, and twelve little plastic soldiers in bed with him. And yet he didn’t find it a peaceful sleeping environment. Go figure.



My cats persistantly sleep in the bath. I've found one asleep in the shower recess once. either that or in the laundry basket or on the bathroom rug. which is permanently wet. And if you lock them out of the bathroom when you are showering they whine until you let them in, rub on you once and then leave. Maybe it's a cat thing. Wait until she decides to balance on the rim while your having a bath and slips....


Oh. My. God. Now I have an EAR WORM, but it's missing half the words, because I know the tune to the Honeycomb cereal jingle, but not all the lyrics. And now it's playing in my head. All I can hear is "Honeycomb something, yeah yeah yeah". STOP THE MADNESS.


"Honeycomb's big! Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's not small! No, no, no!" etc... :D


Maybe Raphi had the Honeycomb earworm. ;)


Whatever happened to "It was an honor just to be nominated."?

No more Honeycomb? You aren't feeding them something like steel cut oats with soy milk, are you? Because I would feel soooo bad that my kids still get Cocoa Puffs. But hey, they're whole grain now!

Heather McCutcheon

You were smooching! You were smooching! Woohoo!!

By the way, can SOMEONE please tell me how to track how people get to my blog?? How do I do this? I'm totally lost!!


You mean you didn't want to yell at me?


You mean you didn't want to yell at me?

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