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Election Year Thoughts

You wanna know what’s really irritating? When the phone rings, and I answer it with a cheery “hello,” thinking it’s a FRIEND or my MOTHER or someone I want to talk to, and INSTEAD of it being a PERSON, it’s a recorded ELECTION MESSAGE. “Hello, this is Some Local Politician, urging you to blah blah blah.”
That’s irritating.
You know what’s EVEN MORE IRRITATING? When it’s not some earnest politician’s recording, but the blaring voice of some actor, pretending to be a “BIG BUCKS DEVELOPER,” urging me NOT TO VOTE for some issue or other, because then he can continue stealing my money and building shabby homes and blah blah blah. That’s irritating. And loud.
You know what’s EVEN MORE IRRITATING? When it’s not a recording, but an achingly sincere volunteer, who is having trouble with his script, but rilly RILLY wants to urge me to blah blah blah, and because he’s so EARNEST and I’m such a SUCKER I end up listening to him.
That’s irritating.
You know what’s EVEN MORE IRRITATING? When I finally DO hang up, and minutes later the same earnest soul calls on my parent’s line and before I can interrupt his flow of sincerity he’s stumbled his way through half his speech, thereby wasting MORE OF MY TIME.
That’s irritating.
You know what’s EVEN MORE IRRITATING? When the other political party calls on MY PHONE, asking to speak to my ex. While I can see where you’d want him on your side, to complete your axis of evil, HE DOESN’T LIVE HERE. Like, in this STATE. And NO, I don’t want to talk to you. Don’t SPEAK HIS NAME TO ME, then expect me to LISTEN to you. Gah. Don’t you have some MUD to SLING?
That’s irritating.
But you know what’s REALLY IRRITATING?
People who are so ANNOYED by the whole process that they opt out of their American duty to vote, already.
Get over it and study up, people. Test day’s coming.



axis of evil...



Wow, a political post from Kira!


Vote early and often!


Yes, yes, yes. Or when they pretend to be doing a survey, but it's really only trying to persuade you to vote a certain way? "Wouldn't you agree that Candidate A is the devil incarnate?"

How fast can I hang up? Let's see!

Linda Sherwood

Few things can ruin a mood like Ben Stein's nasallly voice coming through your answering machine. How'd he get my number?


They annoy me, too.

When I'm elected, I'll enact a "do not freakin' call" list for political types. Seriously.

I'm allowed to ask random insurance companies not to bother me during dinner, but the guy who wants me to vote for him has no problem repeatedly interrupting? I don't think so.

(and I tell them that: Oh, I was going to vote for you, but you just made me miss my SON blowing out his BIRTHDAY CANDLES so now I'm going to vote for the other guy. And don't call back.)

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