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Today was BOWLING DAY! Woo-hoo!
You know, I signed the boys up for bowling because it seemed like fun. Something for them to do with other kids, a dash of that “socialization” stuff people are always going on about.
It honestly never occurred to me that the other moms might care about the actual BOWLING. Like, they NOTICE the scores and everything. It’s too weird.
Here’s me, observing Max’s turn to bowl, “Ok Honey! Good luck! (pause) Way to go! You knocked some down! No, you can’t have a coke.”
Here’s another mom, observing her child’s turn, “Now REMEMBER to keep your wrist straight! Just how we did in practice! And your approach, remember the approach! Ok, good…good…aww. What was that? Why’d you swing your arm across your body like that? That’s not how you’re supposed to do it!”
I’m thinking, there’s a RIGHT way to bowl? Huh. I thought bowling sober was just about as high as you could aim. Who knew?
But the other moms know their kids averages, and their handicaps. I don’t even know what a handicap is. I mean, Tre tends to collect things, until his room is a morass of paper bits, rubber bands, and pop tabs. Is that what they mean?
No, it’s not.
I was watching Tre bowl is last game today. He’s in the 9-11 year old group, and the rest of his team is 11. Now, Tre’s not what you’d call a LARGE 9-year-old. He’s not even what you’d call an AVERAGE 9-year-old. He’s perfect. But perfect, in this particular case, falls just below the 10th percentile for height in his age group. So there he is, a tiny little 9-year-old, surrounded by hulking 11-year-olds. They take down the bumper guards for his age group, and he fearlessly bowls gutter ball after gutter ball. There’s a bowling pro working with the kids, and Tre is getting better and better. His average is up to something like 45 (ok, I do pay attention, a little).
I watched him stride up to take his place. The previous bowler had gotten an impressive spare, and Tre joggled the bowling ball around so he could give him a high five. Then he arranged himself, counted himself through his steps, and heaved the ball down the lane. He stood and watched it make its way toward the pins, and when it started to veer off to the left, Tre’s body involuntarily swayed to the right, a silent prayer for it to right its course. The ball traced the very edge of the gutter for an impossibly long time before it teetered and fell in.
Another gutter ball.
Tre turned around, laughing.
“Hey,” he called to his team mates, “I think that one got further down before it went in the gutter!” They shouted back encouraging things, and he bounded down to collect his ball for anther try.
I turned to the mom next to me, who was shaking her head.
“Too bad. Well, maybe he’ll do better next time.”
I looked from her to my shining-faced, indomitable boy. I don’t think we were watching the same game at all.



You weren't watching the same game...or the same kid. And, it's HER child's loss. Your comment about Tre's habit of collecting things until his room is a morass of little bits resonated quite loudly...my son is the same way :)


I heart Tre. :)


Wait a minute - there are adults who bowl sober?

Linda Sherwood

Now see that is exacty why I do not like to bowl. Even with alcohol. I remember going bowling with my family (who all bowl) and having about 6 people give me "tips" on how to hold my arm, etc. I didn't care. I was having fun until the tips started. I haven't bowled in years because of that and when I do bowl it is not with my mom or siblings. I'll never do that again.


I thought it was a law you had to have a beer between turns? Well, that is, if you are of legal drinking age, of course. If not, the goal was to not hit pins, wasn't it?


Isn't the whole point to have fun? When do we as adults forget how to have fun? And don't "we" spend most of our time wishing we could have fun. Why take that away from our children. I love your attitude towards it all.

Linda Dupie

Great attitude! I'm all for my kids having fun. They play inline hockey and week after week they lose, but they have fun and so excited when they score.


I heart you and wish I was you. I am SHAMEFULLY the other mom. I do try to tamp it down so Sam doesn't get how much I care, but sometimes it I have to CHEW MY OWN FLESH OPEN and let out a QUART OF BLOOD to keep from screaming KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!!! at his soccer games.

I do not scream it though.


Bowling for the mere pleasure of it...what is the world coming to?


Keli is the lowest scorer EVER any time she bowls. She shouldn't bowl at all because she has back troubles but when her friends go, she goes along "just to watch" and can't help getting up there and throwing a few, swearing she'll stop when her back starts to hurt (by which time, of course, it's far too late). She loves it and does it for the fun. She wants to go as a family with my folks and her cousins and so on. I keep finding ways to put it off because my mother bowled competitively. My mother does not know HOW to do anything for fun. But the kiddo always knows how to tell g-ma to lighten up, so I suppose I should just let it happen.

Glad Tre can continue to have fun among all the competitive mommies and their "advice."


Be careful. For a moment there you were talking about yourself and not your kids (astonishment), although thickly disguised. I used to bowl and loved it.

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